6 Steps to Create a Subdomain for Blogspot

Hello guys, welcome back to Diandra Blog. In this opportunity, I want to share how to create a subdomain for Blogspot. What is it?  It's subdomain from our main blog, for example, the main blog is cuitanwanita.web.id so we can make it the subdomain of this blog.

In this case, we do not use Wordpress in this blog and we use Blogspot as our blog platform. Are you sure that we can create a subdomain for Blogspot? Yes, of course, we can create it. I know it if we are familiar with Wordpress, we will ask it possible or impossible. 

What is a subdomain Blogspot?

Subdomain Blogspot is a subdomain we create when we use Blogspot as a blog platform. In this case, we do not buy a hosting and just buy a domain for our blog in Blogspot. So it is a cheap way to get a subdomain without extra cost for hosting.

What the function of the subdomain Blogspot?

I believe that there will be one question, what is the function of making this Blogspot subdomain? The answer is the same as when we make subdomain in WordPress, we can use it for another branch of our blogs such as an online shop or another blog with a different niche.

Steps to Create a Subdomain for Blogspot

  1. In this step, we have to make a new blog on Blogspot for the first step. Why? Because we want to make this new blog become our subdomain of the main blog. If you want to make the new blog, you can see these steps to make a new Blogspot.
  2. I hope you can follow the step to make a new blog in Blogspot. After we make a blog in Blogspot, choose the setting menu and choose the basic setting for the next setting. What you will see in these steps? You will see our URL address of our blog by using a Blogspot.
  3. We can choose "+ Set up a third-party URL for your blog"  and we will see a column to fill it with our subdomain Blogspot. After we fill it with subdomain Blogspot by using our domain, choose to save and we will get something code. Just open it and don't close it.
  4. In this step, we will go to the domain dashboard in our hosting provider. Whatever your hosting provider is the same way, in this case, I use dewaweb for my hosting provider.
  5. Choose the setting of our domain and go to DNS Management for input something code in Blogspot before. I assume you have input all of code and IP address of Google in these steps like the picture below. Please wait for it almost 1 x 24 hours to get our subdomain Blogspot being detected.
  6. After almost 1 x 24 hours, we can try to open the basic setting in our blog on Blogspot. You can try to open "Set up a third-party URL for your blog" and write subdomain that we have written before. In this case, I have written a subdomain Blogspot "store.cuitanwanita.web.id and then save this work. You will see it work like a charm and now you get a subdomain Blogspot for the main blog. 
Finally, we can finish our steps to create a subdomain for Blogspot. I suggest you to active https mode in this URL. Try to access the subdomain for Blogspot. Type it on the address bar of your browser, in this case, I use chrome browser. For the first time, you can not access it but you can wait a minute to make it stable.  You can install the theme for Blogspot as usual, it's based on what blog you wanna make it. Voila, you can access your subdomain for Blogspot that you have created it.

Thanks for visiting Diandra Blog, I hope this article can be useful for you, me and the other people in this world. Okay, guys, you can share it on your social media like facebook, twitter and the other place that you wanna share. You can do good though share this article only and God will give a blessing.