5 Steps to Change Theme in Blogger

Before this article, I had written an article about how to make a blog on Blogger. It said about step by step to make a blog in Blogger but inside of my heart, I said that is there any step to change the theme for blogger? You know that I feel bored if I use the same for a while.

Are there any difficulties to change the theme in Blogger? Actually, there is not difficult to change the theme in Blogger but if we didn't know how to change it, we can't change it. There are some things that we have to know before change a theme in Blogger.
  1. What is the purpose of writing your blog? For example, we want to make a blog about the news so we have chosen the theme that suitable for this blog.
  2. I suggest not too often to change the blog theme. Why? Because the structure of our blog will change and Google will confuse with our blog. For example, we have a house, this month we change the paint become blue, next month we change it becomes red, and so on and so on. Everyone will confuse, it's your house or not.
If you have chosen a theme for your blog, you can follow the step that I will share in this article.

Steps to change the theme in Blogger

  1. First of all, I assume you have logged in to Blogger. Now we are in the Blogger dashboard and we can see on the left menu there is a theme menu. We can choose it to open the theme menu.
  2. In the theme menu, we can see the backup/restore menu, we choose it. 
  3. After we choose the backup/restore menu, we will see a pop-up menu on the screen and there are the Download menu and Upload menu.
  4. We don't choose Download Menu if we don't want to the backup previous theme. Directly we choose the Upload menu to upload a theme for our blog in the Blogger.
  5. The last one to upload this theme for our blog in Blogger. After upload, we can see our blog with a new theme.
It just 5 Steps to Change Theme in Blogger. There is no more difficult if we follow these steps.

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