There are so many blogs in this world and Diandra Blog is one of them. We believe that we have the spirit of sharing through useful articles.

What is Diandra Blog?

Diandra is a combination of names from me and my wife. Diandra Blog is a blog about technology tutorials and news. We hope that Diandra Blog can provide useful articles for everyone. As a blog created by me, Rangga Wijaya is the author of this blog. 

I believe that by sharing, we will get rewards from God, not just material but maybe something else and unexpected. 

What kind of tutorial and news that is shared by Diandra Blog?

Articles shared by Diandra Blog are articles about technology tutorials and news. What is included? In this blog, we present articles about android, macOS, iOS, Windows tutorials and all related to technology. 

In addition to the tutorial, Diandra Blog will also share technology news that is happening now.

I hope you enjoy everything we share and of course take advantage of it.


Diandra Blog