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5 Google AMP Blogger Theme For Free

Nowadays, we can see the next generation of websites or bloggers. What is it? Google AMP. There are so many advantages that we will get if we use these features on our website or blog. Nowadays, everyone wants to make their blog or website is fast loading. We have to make a website or blog base on viewers want and we don't make it based on what we want.
The one thing that we have to do in our blog or website uses theme support Google AMP.  I know we talked about Google amp and what is google amp? Is there any advantage for us?

A. What is Google AMP?

Based on information in Dewaweb, Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is a powerful feature that was deliberately created so that web pages can be accessed more quickly. There are many advantages if you implement Google amp in your blogger or website. One of them is the fast loading of your website or blogger.

Google AMP run based on AMP Cache so it can open a website or blog in 3 seconds. Wow, it's so amazing I think.

B. The advantages of Google AMP

You have read about Google AMP. It starts from the meaning of Google AMP until a little bit of advantage fo Google AMP. Actually, there are 4 advantages of using Google AMP feature in our blogger.

1. Increase Website Loading for Mobile Users

As far as we know, Google AMP runs using AMP Cache so we can open a blog very quickly. It's almost 3 seconds we can open it.

2. Increase Search Engine Ranking (specifically Mobile search)

As far as I know, nowadays, most of us use a smartphone to do something in our daily lives. There is an increase in the number of search engine usage in searches via smartphones. Google amp provides the experience of speed in accessing blogs found when searching.

3. Increase Visibility for Publishers

If we search in Google Search Engine, we can see what is different between AMP and non-AMP. There is a Google AMP logo with a lighthing logo. Nowadays, the user will try to choose the Google AMP blog. Why? This blog will fast loading if we choose a blog with Google AMP logo.

4. Improve Server Performance

By using the blogger theme, except our blog become fast loading, Google AMP can improve the performance of the server. How come it be? Because Google AMP using AMP Cache that is based on a proxy-based content delivery network (CDN).

Google AMP cache only stores page data that is indeed valid AMP. Therefore, Google AMP content can only load in less than 3 seconds, because even if the user has not visited your site, Google has already saved your site data.

C. 5 Google AMP Blogger Theme For Free

How come if I want to make my blog in Blogspot or blogger become Google AMP Valid? Of course, you have to use the Google AMP blogger theme. At this moment, I want to share the Google AMP blogger theme for free. I just share a free version, why? If you want to the premium blogger theme, you can call the developer or visit their blog or website.

I will share 5 Google AMP blogger theme that it seems to me, it recommended to your blog.  Why? If you don't have the money yet and you want to build a blog with Google AMP feature, you can use one of them.

1. Blanterdeamp blogger theme

blanter theme blogspot free
The first blogger theme is Blanterdeamp. This blogger theme is designed by id blanter, the writer of this blog is Rhinokage Rio but I don't know it's his real name or no. There are two types of this blanter blogger theme, the free one and the paid one. In this case, I will share the free one of course but if you want to buy the paid one, you can visit an id blanter blog. 

If you want to get fast loading and Google amp theme you can use this theme. Like, we have known before that Google AMP becomes a very spectacular fitur that is released by Google. This theme is one of your choices for AMP Blogger.

Feature of Blanterdeamp :

  • Ultra-fast loading 
  • AMP search box 
  • mobile sidebar top navigation bar 
  • AMP-based buttons 
  • Also supports Disqus comments

2. Infinite blogger theme

The second blogger theme is Infinite. It's designed by Arlina, the owner of the arlinadzgn blog and she is one of my favorite blogger theme designers. You can try it to get the Google AMP feature in your blog. Besides the Google AMP feature, you will get a mobile-friendly and responsive feature. It's a high CTR theme so it's suitable for Adsense in your blog.

Feature of Infinite :

  • Responsive 
  • Google Testing Tool Validator 
  • Mobile Friendly 
  • Disqus Comments 
  • Breadcrumbs 
  • SEO Friendly 
  • Dynamic Heading 
  • Social Share Button 
  • Valid 
  • High CTR 
  • Menu Navigation 
  • 2 Column 
  • Shortcodes 
  • Footer Menu 
  • Related Posts 
  • Search Box 
  • Subscription device

3. SEOAMP blogger theme

SEOAMP template blogger

The third blogger theme is the SEOAMP blogger theme. It's one of blogger theme that you can use for your blog. The design of the SEOAMP theme is clean and it's my favorite theme. SEOAMP is designed by Goomsite. This is one free blogger theme and also valid for the Google AMP feature.

Feature of SEAMP :

  • Responsive 
  • Seo Friendly 
  • Personal Blog 
  • Menu 
  • Search Box 
  • Comment Disqus 
  • Social Share

4. InfiniteJLB blogger theme

infinitejlb is designed by Arlina Dzgn

Besides Infinite Theme Blogger, you can use InfiniteJLB as your choice. InfiniteJLB is designed by Arlina Dzgn, too. Same as Infinite, InfiniteJLB is a Google AMP theme blogger also. InfiniteJLB is designed for SEO Friendly, responsive and high CTR blog.

Feature of InfiniteJLB : 

  • Canonical address for AMP version 
  • AMP hypertext mark-up language validation: pass 100% 
  • Full Responsive 
  • Facebook Comment / Disqus Comment 
  • FlatUI combination 
  • SEO Friendly 
  • Super fast! 
  • Valid (blog posting) 
  • Dynamic Heading 
  • High CTR 
  • Subscribe and Author Box 
  • Social Share 
  • Table of Content 
  • No Javascript 
  • Related Post 
  • Top Banner Ad 
  • one signal Push Notification

5. Vletters blogger theme
vletters theme blogger

The last blogger theme for Google AMP is Vletters blogger theme. It's designed by the Bung Franky blog. His blog is one of my favorite blogs to looking for a solution in the blog world. The unique design of this blogger theme and make your blog become a unique one. Besides Responsive, this blogger theme is free and also valid for Google AMP.

Feature of Vletters :

  • Responsive 
  • Google Testing Tool Validator 
  • SEO Friendly 
  • Menu Navigation 
  • Valid 
  • Breadcrumbs 
  • Related Posts 
  • Search Box 
  • Social Share Button 
  • Shortcodes 
  • Disqus Comments

Nowadays, you can choose one of the Google AMP blogger themes for free in this article. Do you still confused about what theme I wanna choose? I wanna give you a suggestion about how to choose a blogger theme. You can choose a blogger theme that it's so clear and the fast one for loading. Every theme is good but you can choose the fastest one for loading.

Thanks for visiting our Diandra Blog, I hope this theme and article will help you, guys. You can share this article if it was very useful, where the place that I can share it? You can share in Facebook, Twitter or Whatsapp chat and group.

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