You Will Get Microsoft Office Online For Free, It's Totally Legal

Software or application is one important thing in our daily life, especially in our office. What you can do something if there is no application to make it simple and easy. Everything is gonna be trouble if we do not have an application that I need. It's not a secret that sometimes most of us use piracy applications, without pay anything and get it for free from the internet or something. Is it Ok or not? It depends on us.

There is some solution from the developer like Microsoft. Most of them have released some applications based on the cloud. What does it mean? I will give you an example, Microsoft. They have released an online application, it's called Microsoft Office Online. Is it free of charge? Yes, it's absolutely free to use it. We must have Microsoft Account and we can register it for free.

What is Microsoft Office Online?

Microsoft Office Online is a software which is created by Microsoft without any installing Microsoft Office in out computer, Windows or macOS. Microsoft makes it run in a browser so we can work in Microsoft Office. This Microsoft Office Online based on Microsoft Office 2016 or Office 365 so we can use it as easy as we use Microsoft Office offline version that we usually use in our macOS or Windows.

How it works?

It's so easy when we want to access and use free Microsoft office online.  There are several steps that must be done and I know it's so easy for you, guys.
  1. We have to access this link of Microsoft Office Online. You will see the homepage of Microsoft Office Online.
  2. Now we have to focus on the Microsoft Office Online homepage, there is a little button, it's called "Get Started For Free". You must click this button and the official website will give us a choice to get Office Product or Sign in to Microsoft Account. We have to choose Sign In.
  3. If we already choose Sign In, the page will show a login form for someone who has a Microsoft Account. How come if I didn't make any Microsoft Account yet? We can choose "Create One" to get a new Microsoft Account. 
  4. I assume that all of you already have Microsoft Account, you can create the new one or you have gotten from campus. Now we can log in with our Microsoft Account with this account.
  5. Now we have Microsoft Office Online for free in our Microsoft Account. We can access it everywhere, it just only uses a browser in our hand. You can use Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, etc.
What's in your mind about this Microsoft Office Online? I will read in your mind about Microsoft Office Online. It's so awesome, we can get Microsoft Office for free without any installation, without doing anything in our macOS or Windows, it just does something in our browser.

What account can I use?

As I have mentioned earlier, in the part of steps to get Microsoft Free online. Actually, there is 2 account that it can access to Microsoft Office Online. What are they?

1. An email that we get from campus

Nowadays, there are many campuses that work with a technology company like Google, Microsoft, etc. I assume that your campus collaboration with Google and Microsoft. You can use an email from campus to get Microsoft Office Online and Microsoft Office 365. There are 2 advantages that we get from this collaboration. There are many advantages if you can get an email from campus, I suggest you ask the campus for your student email.

2. An email that we register from Microsoft

The second way to get Microsoft Office Online is registered by your self to get Microsoft Account. In this case, you can register as I explained before, the account is the same as an email account in Microsoft. The disadvantages in this way, you just only get access to Microsoft Office online only. How about Microsoft Office 365? You don't get it. 

Now you use Microsoft Office Online as your alternative of your office application in your daily life. You can access it without installing it but you just need an internet connection, of course.

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