Gamepad X3 Android specifications that must be known

Playing a game is fun, and we can do it anywhere. We can play games through consoles or using Android smartphones. We can play many games, one of which is using an emulator. On this occasion, I will provide information about the specifications of the Android X3 gamepad.

Oh, before I wrote about how to play PSP on an Android smartphone. I did this using the PPSSPP emulator. Using the X3 gamepad, we can combine gamepads and emulators with improving the gaming experience. Why is that? Because I'll be honest that playing with a virtual gamepad isn't comfortable enough.

Gamepad X3 android specifications

This is an important thing that must be known before buying this legendary gamepad. Why? So it would help if you were prepared for all the consequences after buying a gamepad. 4 things must be known about the specifications of this X3 gamepad.

1. The connection used on the Android X3 gamepad

The connection used for this gamepad is Bluetooth 3.0. If we look at the type of Bluetooth, it's quite old, but considering the low price, I think this is very good. If we ask what is the connection distance for this X3 gamepad? It can connect about 10 meters.

2. Button

There are 14 buttons that we can use on the X3 gamepad. What buttons are they? There are direction buttons, controller, start, select, R1, R2, L1, and L2.

3. Analogs

There are 2 analog joysticks which are very pleasant to use. Based on my experience using it, it's very pleasant to use for this very low price.

4. Battery on gamepad X3

For battery matters, this gamepad uses 500 mAh and is very easy to charge. I will write about this in an article discussing the X3 gamepad specifically.

Fill in the X3 gamepad purchase package

What are the contents of the package for selling this gamepad? When we buy it, we will get 1 X3 gamepad, a smartphone holder, and a data cable.

Devices compatible with the X3 gamepad

It is also important to know this X3 gamepad is compatible with Android, iOS, and PC. For Android, at least Android 3.0 or later, and PC with Windows can also. For iOS, it must be jailbroken; if not, you cannot use this gamepad.

Smartphones with an 8-core Mediatek (MTK) chipset and below do not support using this gamepad. So it is mandatory to use a smartphone with a Snapdragon chipset.

Gamepad X3 price

I will only leak a little about the price; not everyone gets the same price on the marketplace. I purchased it at eBay for US $15.99, - but several stores offer prices above that. I will choose the lowest price with no bad reviews as a normal human being.

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