Qatar 2022 World Cup Schedule on Google Calendar

The World Cup is a football sporting event held every four years. In 2022, Qatar will host the sporting event, which will be held for approximately one month. So that we don't miss the match schedule, we can install the Qatar 2022 world cup schedule on Google Calendar. In my opinion, this is an application that is owned and installed on an Android smartphone.

Why am I discussing this one thing? Because I want us not to lose the moment for this one thing. In this case, of course, the schedule of matches to be held at the 2022 Qatar World Cup.

What is Google Calendar?

Google Kalender is a service for managing time and appointments offered by Google. Of course, this service will save us time for a proper work plan. Therefore, entering the world cup schedule in the Google calendar is important.

Install Qatar 2022 world cup schedule on Google Calendar

We have been waiting for this, namely, installing the Qatar 2022 world cup schedule. Of course, without the application, that has to be installed again.
  1. We first have to open the website via the link:
  2. Then, there will be a Google Calendar option, one of which we select.
  3. We will be asked to log in to the Google account that is on the Android smartphone.
  4. Allow access to by clicking 'Allow'
Does this end here? Of course not. Why? Because there are other things, we have to do in the Google Calendar application.
  1. First, we open the Google Calendar application with the email used when linking the schedule.
  2. Now, we select "Settings" in the Google Calendar application.
  3. Scroll down and select 'FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022.'
  4. Tab toggle button 'Sync' to ON or until blue
  5. Then, press 'Add a notification' to set the reminder time
  6. You can select a reminder 10 minutes or one day before the scheduled match. Of course, this is not a requirement when we sync; we can customize it ourselves.
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