Change your phone number in Whatsapp on our Android easily

Whatsapp is a popular messenger application, and almost everyone uses it. Now I will talk about how to change your phone number on Whatsapp.

Why do I want to discuss this? Because there are still people who are afraid to do this. I can't imagine if we never try, and even worse, we don't know how to change numbers on Whatsapp. It will be natural when we know the steps to change this seemingly effortless mobile number.

Change your phone number on Whatsapp.

There are two types of ways to change the phone number on Whatsapp. The first on the same smartphone and the second on a new smartphone. In the following, we will discuss both types.

A. On the same smartphone

It's the first type that we have said before. Actually, there are six steps that we have to follow to change the number on Whatsapp.
  1. Open our Whatsapp
  2. Click more options in 3 dots on the upright in our Whatsapp.
  3. The next step goes to the setting menu and the go-to account menu. In the account menu, it will be shown the change number. Remember to click the "next" button.
  4. We have to enter our old number in the first field and the second one in the second field.
  5. After the previous step, we have to click the "next" button, and it will show us about notify all of the contacts, or we can customize it. We are only told the connection that we want to announce. How about in a group? In the group, it will notify us when we change our number for Whatsapp.
  6. Click on the done button, and now we have used a new number for our Whatsapp.

B. On a new smartphone

It is the second way that we have said before. To transfer our chat history, we must make a backup on Google Drive on an old phone. How come if we do not create a blockage in Google Drive, we have to backup manually and transfer to a new smartphone. Here are the steps to change the phone number on a new smartphone.
  1. Install Whatsapp on our new smartphone.
  2. Register a new phone number
  3. We have to restore the backup we made on our old phone.
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