Whatsapp beta version for android provides some updates

As we know, Whatsapp is one of the most popular messengers in the world. Whatsapp always makes improvements; if you participate in the Google Beta Program, you will get update notifications. They launched Whatsapp beta version for android, giving some updates. What are the updates in question?

I hope the updates Whatsapp provides will add useful features for its users.

Whatsapp beta version for android

What new things are being updated on this beta version of WhatsApp? The feature that is an update for Whatsapp is the camera mode feature. The following is a summary of these features that I got from WABetaInfo.

Camera mode feature

If previously this feature was still in the development stage, the Whatsapp beta version is currently in the trial stage. There is a possibility that this feature will be released officially for Whatsapp official.

Whatsapp will redesign the camera and video icons that we usually use. For the shape, we can see it in the image below.

In the screenshot, we can see that the icon and camera capabilities have been redesigned. What will stand out for the camera? There is a speed to move from photo mode to video mode or vice versa.

Then what other features of this camera are improved? Previously we needed to hold down the camera icon while recording a video, and this would not happen again. Why? Because after switching to camera mode, we can quickly record it. Of course, this will make it easier for us to record a video through the Whatsapp application.

When will this feature be released?

This camera feature has gone through several trials with the beta version. It will be coming soon if nothing is bothersome for the feature rollout.

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