Finally the Whatsapp Dark Theme is officially released on Android

We will talk about new features officially launched by Whatsapp this year. What is the feature? This feature is a dark theme that finally comes officially. Previously I've shared about the presence of WhatsApp beta to bring up the dark theme function. Finally, WhatsApp dark theme was officially released on Android. This means that using Whatsapp Official users can already feel the features of this dark theme WhatsApp.

All the things we've discussed on Whatsapp beta, it's exactly the same as what is released now. Starting from the Splash Screen and choice of themes on Whatsapp Official. For the Whatsapp header, it has also changed to black.

There is a choice of Whatsapp Dark theme

This is interesting from Whatsapp that is the presence of a new nuance to how it looks. So no one else will say that only Android 10 can enjoy the dark theme. This happened when I made a tutorial about activating dark mode on the Ikirangga channel on youtube. There is one who asks "why not just update to Android 10 to enjoy dark mode". Friends can imagine just to enjoy WhatsApp dark mode must be updated to Android 10. Not necessarily all smartphones in this world support and get updates for Android 10.

We are now back to discussing the Whatsapp dark theme on Whatsapp Official. So when we enter to Whatsapp settings menu and select the chat menu it will show the theme menu. Select the theme menu and there will be Default, Dark and Light options.

Do you still need Whatsapp Mod?

Finally, this Whatsapp dark theme can be an alternative theme that I can use on Whatsapp Official. We can use the dark mode feature on Whatsapp Mod and Whatsapp Official.

Maybe there will be questions like this, do we still need to use Whatsapp Mod? If you want to experience the advantages of Whatsapp Official, Whatsapp Mod is the answer. It can be concluded that the choice is in each of us to use whether to use Whatsapp Mod or not.

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