5 Software must be installed after reinstalling Windows 10

One word that must be shared by the owner of a laptop or PC that uses the Windows operating system 10. What is that word? Yeah right, that word is reinstalled. There are many reasons for people to reinstall Windows 10. What should we do after the reinstallation is complete? We must install supporting software and there are at least 6 mandatory software installed after reinstalling Windows 10.

Windows 10 is just an operating system and can not be maximized if it is not helped by other software. There is so much software that we can install to make our Windows 10 operating system optimal. What software can we install to support working on Windows 10? We can install Office applications, Antivirus, download managers and many more.

Reasons to reinstall Windows 10

There are several reasons why people should reinstall a PC. The reasons for each person will vary, of course. I will try to gather some of the reasons that we often encounter.

# 1 Computer is infected with a virus

This is one of the main causes of people reinstalling Windows 10. This is done when we cannot clean the operating system from viruses. One way is to simply reinstall it so that we can get a fresh operating system.

# 2 The PC starts to slow down

It's no secret that Windows users will feel slow when it's been used for a long time. Sometimes this happens because there have been too many installs and uninstall programs in Windows 10. There are many remnants of the program cache that we have installed and when we uninstall it will leave a residual. This makes the hard drive full accidentally.

6 Software that must be installed

What kind of software required to be installed after reinstalling Windows 10? We will discuss this on this occasion. This is a combination of office software for work, security, and browser.

# 1 Antivirus

The first thing is the Antivirus application that we first install. Why? Because by using an antivirus we can first scan a partition other than C to drive D, E or F. This is to ensure that the drive other than C is free of viruses that interfere and make our reinstall useless. You can imagine if we have installed a lot of software, it turns out there is still a virus lodged in drive D.

# 2 Office Application

The second application that I think is important to install is the Office application. For this application, we can choose free or paid. It was returned to friends as users. Are there any free ones? Of course, there are, for example, Libre Office or Open Office, friends can choose one. For the paid ones, of course, we can choose Microsoft Office owned by Microsoft.

Office applications are useful for us to work on laptops or PCs that have been reinstalled. I am sure and believe, this Office application is one that is on your PC - friends.

# 3 Internet Download Manager

The third and now, in my opinion, is no less important is the Internet Download Manager. Why is this application important? For users who like to download, this application is arguably the primary need for life on Windows. Internet download manager application is believed to be able to increase download speed compared to the default browser download manager.

# 4 Browser

Now, this is the software we use to browse the internet. Does Windows 10 not have a browser so that a third party browser must be installed? Windows 10 has a default browser but I and most people prefer to use third-party browsers like Chrome and Firefox.

# 5 PDF Reader

The sixth software is pdf reader software that is useful for reading documents in PDF format. Is this necessary? In my opinion, it is necessary because it completes the work of the Office application that we have installed earlier. What PDF Reader can we use? For the free or free version, we can use Foxit Reader or Adobe PDF reader.

That is 5 software that you must install when you finish the reinstall. Why? Because the software is needed when first for a fresh computer install.

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