Three essential applications during pregnancyon an Android smartphone

As the wise say, use something as we need it. This also applies when we use an Android smartphone, we have to filter what applications need and don't need to be installed. Of course, this will also apply to those of us who use Android smartphones and happen to be pregnant. There are at least three essential applications during pregnancy that we must install on an Android smartphone.

Why do I say it is mandatory for these three applications? Because of course, useful at the beginning of a pregnancy program, during pregnancy and just before pregnancy. This is based on the experience that my wife and I experienced during the baby program.

For example, when going to intercourse, we can see the wife's menstrual cycle and see what days are the fertile period. Also, we can also see the last time the wife has menstruated and how many days the wife's menstruation is late.

Important application during pregnancy

What important applications are we required to install on an Android smartphone? Let us discuss one by one three important applications that I mean these.

# 1 My Period Calendar

This application is useful for early pregnancy programs. Why? Because by using My Period Calendar, we can see some information such as fertility, late menstrual information, and much more. Imagine if our wife did not know when her fertile period and when her menstruation was late.

# 2 Contraction Timer

The second application is the Contraction Timer; why do I enter this into a mandatory application on an Android smartphone? This application is useful when we or the wife before the day of birth of the baby at the time of contraction has arrived. By using the Contraction Timer application, we will know the pattern of contractions that have occurred in women who will give birth.

For example, in 10 contractions, the average contraction interval is every 10 minutes. This will only count the contraction time, what makes it useful? We will find out how often the contractions occur in the abdomen of women who will give birth then the opening that occurs will be even greater. What is this sign? The time of birth will soon occur, and a little angel will be born into the world.

# 3 Youtube

So, why is Youtube one of the mandatory applications when pregnant? YouTube is a source of knowledge and information. Nowadays, there are many doctors and midwives, and everyone has shared their knowledge through YouTube. By using Youtube, we can search for information about the signs of childbirth, the correct way to bathe the baby, and much more.

So do not waste the Youtube waters and only be used as a means of entertainment.

How are friends? Now you already know three critical applications during pregnancy that must be on an Android smartphone friend - friend. I recommend this because my wife uses these 3 applications and in my opinion, they are very useful.

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