How to download macOS Mojave from the App Store

Previously, we introduced the features of the latest macOS, namely macOS Catalina. Before the release of the macOS Catalina, Apple first released the macOS Mojave as the initial formation of the MacOS Catalina. One of the features that are still brought from Mojave is the dark mode feature.

There is one question that comes to mind, how to download macOS Mojave from the App Store? Why do I ask? Because the App Store is no longer seen macOS Mojave on the App Store home page. The question above appears when someone has a MacBook Pro, and he has to reinstall it. Where should he re-download macOS Mojave? Actually, we can access it in different ways. Why? It seems that Apple hid the previous macOS from the App Store homepage, even though we actually can still access it.

Main features of macOS Mojave

Before we discuss how to download macOS Mojave from the App Store, we will first discuss the main features. What are the mainstay features of the macOS Mojave?

# 1 Dark Mode feature

This is an exciting feature, in my opinion, because this feature can reduce the level of light captured by the eye. With this feature active, the eyes will not get tired quickly when facing the MacBook screen.

# 2 Stack feature

Sometimes some people like to put files on the desktop, now this is a suitable feature. By using this stacking feature, you can tidy up file types, sort files, and put them in a folder. Users can change the settings of this stack and according to the user's wishes.

# 3 Dynamic Desktop

This is an exciting feature that will change according to the time that is running in 1 day. The background that we use will be bright when it is daytime and will be dark at night.

# 4 The latest Mac App Store

The App Store has been completely overhauled on macOS Mojave. What is the example? For example, the Discover tab shows some applications for mac that might be useful. While the Create, Work, Develop and Play tags will make it easier for us to find apps that match specific jobs.

# 5 Finder with the latest features

Through the Gallery display on the latest Finder, users can see the screen more clearly. This proves that Apple is serious in working on repairs on macOS Mojave. Improvements also occurred on Quick Action which became secure and productive, what does this mean? Users not only look at Quick Action but also do editing PDF documents.

How to download macOS Mojave from the App Store

  1. The first step we have to do is visit the official site from Apple on the support page.
  2. Now we click on the Get macOS Mojave section, and we will be directed to open the Mac App Store.
  3. Now the Mac App Store display has appeared with macOS Mojave with the download button. What should we do now? Immediately click the download button macOS Mojave.
What about friends, now we can access the macOS Mojave installer on the Mac App Store. The installer is still in the Mac App Store, but its location is hidden by Apple, and we can still access it.

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