Because of Corona Virus Facebook canceled its F8 developer

As we know that now the world is being overwritten by a major disaster, the coronavirus. Coronavirus or COVID-19 circulating now originates from one of the provinces in China, Wuhan. Usually every year Facebook holds an annual conference for F8 Developers. Because Corona Virus Facebook canceled the event because they wanted to concentrate on the problem. Is it because of this coronavirus, Facebook will really cancel this important event? Does that mean there are no other alternatives?
As we quoted from Redmondpie, this also opens the first time Facebook canceled the F8 Developer event, in the past, they also canceled a similar pickle, the Mobile World Congress. The plan for the F8 Developer event will be held on May 5-6, 2020. Will this event really be canceled by Facebook? Just because of this coronavirus, it seems that this event will not be completely "canceled". It turns out that this event will be replaced by local events, videos, and live streaming content.

Maybe this is one way for Facebook to continue to provide alternatives for this event to keep it running. As we know that annual events like this will be visited by developers from all over the world. This is done to minimize the journey of people between countries that might be a means of distribution. This is not only done by Facebook but also done by many other technology companies.

Following are the announcements issued by Facebook regarding F8 Developer that was "canceled". Which basically says that this is for the common good because they prioritize the health of all. Not only the developer but also everyone related to the event.
A statement from Facebook that says we all have to be patient with this situation. We are expected to understand this condition and we will see later in 2021.

In place of the in-person F8 event, we’re planning other ways for our community to get together through a combo of locally hosted events, videos and live streamed content. We’ll share additional details on our plans for F8 in the coming weeks. Sign up here to have updates emailed to you directly. In the meantime, thanks for your patience and understanding — and we look forward to seeing our global community of developers at F8 2021!

Hopefully, this situation will get better and soon a vaccine for the coronavirus will be found. Coronavirus does not only affect one sector but also paralyze several other sectors.

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