Whatsapp iPhone dark mode will be released soon

The dark mode function seems to indeed provide special effects for smartphone users. Is it just a smartphone? This dark mode function is a trend for all people from smartphone users to laptops. The cool impact caused by dark mode is indeed extraordinary anesthetizing everyone. Now we gonna talk about Whatsapp iPhone dark mode.

What happened to the Whatsapp iPhone beta? As has been reported by WA Beta Info and Redmondpie, after the iPhone appeared with iOS 13, WhatsApp appeared with a dark theme as a form of dark mode. For this function, it supports low data mode which supports features that support iOS 13.

The important thing about Whatsapp iPhone

  1. We have to use iOS 13 or later to use Whatsapp iPhone dark mode.
  2. Whatsapp beta which support for Whatsapp iPhone version beta and what about Whatsapp business? For Whatsapp Business, we can use version
Now by using this Whatsapp beta, users will also see the wallpaper and chat column have changed to the dark mode version. It will happen if the user has activated dark mode through the system on his iOS 13 iPhone.

Indeed, this dark mode has been awaited by Whatsapp users around the world. There is something interesting about Whatsapp dark mode, which is the black and white splash screen display. This is present on the Whatsapp beta type which is released now.
Source: WABetaInfo
What about the Whatsapp iPhone dark mode display when we enter the chat menu? How does it look? To view the chat follow what we use on iOS 13 that can be changed using dark mode. Bubble announcement or end-to-end encryption enhancements appear to be yellow.

In bubble chat messages we can see the color is dark green with white writing. Even though it activates the dark mode of WhatsApp iPhone, the text for a chat can still be read clearly. This means that Whatsapp has carefully considered the use of dark mode.

Other features that are present in Whatsapp dark mode

In addition to presenting a dark color on the latest features on Whatsapp beta, they also embed other features. Are other features present for the beta version of Whatsapp iPhone?

#1 Wallpaper Blur effect

What does this effect mean? So this effect will work when we will delete a chat or sticker from a chat message. In an instant, the wallpaper will be blurred and the message will appear that we will delete.
Source: WABetaInfo

# 2 Advanced search mode

For this one feature, namely Advanced Search, was developed about a year ago. What is interesting about this advanced search mode feature?
Source: WABetaInfo
By using the advanced search mode feature, we can specifically look for types of messages or stored media. There are 2 modes that we can use to display the Grid and Captions.

# 3 iOS 13 Context menu

As we know that from iOS 12 to iOS 13, there is a feature called context menu. It seems that this feature will be included in the latest features for the latest Whatsapp iPhone and we can see it in the latest beta.
Source: WABetaInfo

Those are the new features and things that will be present when Whatsapp beta is ready for release to the App Store for iPhone users. At least we already have a picture of the latest updates from Whatsapp and the direction they will choose. About when they will officially release Whatsapp iPhone dark mode, we just wait for further news.

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