How to send Whatsapp messages without save phone numbers

Whatsapp is an instant messenger application that is very famous in this world, I use it, it uses it, and my friends use it. What is so special about this Whatsapp application? The special thing is that Whatsapp can read our contacts so that if our friends have registered for Whatsapp, we can automatically send messages immediately. Can we send Whatsapp messages without saving telephone numbers? Can this be an alternative for those of us who are lazy to save telephone numbers but want to send messages? We can do this to ask something about customer service.
Requirements so that we can send messages between people is mandatory to save a telephone number in our cell phone contacts. Logically send Whatsapp messages without saving numbers is impossible, but apparently, it can be done. Wow, it seems like this way.

Send messages without saving phone numbers

To realize the desire to send messages without saving telephone numbers is possible. At least two ways must be tried to send Whatsapp messages without saving numbers.

# 1 The first way to send Whatsapp message without saving phone numbers

This first way I got from searching the internet and finding an article on the compass. The method offered is quite simple and only adds a few codes before the destination telephone number. This method should be used on a laptop and not using an Android smartphone.
  1. First, open the browser on our laptop. I use the Chrome browser to try this trick, if not, then use Google Chrome.
  2. Enter this code in the address bar, which is where we usually enter the website address like:
    The thing to remember does not use any symbol in front of the number 62, for example, it becomes + 628133871xxxx
  3. After step number 2, we do now. It's time we add the message that will be sent to the number. What is the format?
  4. Now try to press enter, then the send button will appear. Press the button to send the message.

# 2 The second way to send Whatsapp message without saving phone numbers

The second way is to use an android application called Kirim WA Tanpa Simpan Nomor, and it comes from an Indonesian developer. It's so simple to send this Whatsapp message. How could it send a message without save the other number? There are two easy steps to get this way.

  1. We have to open our Google Play Store and find this application, "Kirim WA Tanpa Simpan Nomor." If you are hard to type it, you can copy and paste to Google Play Store search column.
  2. In these steps, we have to install it on our Android smartphone. Now we can try to send a message to our friend that we don't save the phone number yet.
Now we can send messages without having to save telephone numbers. Our dream has been realized to do that without interruption. This application consists of 2 types, namely free applications and paid applications.

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