Easy Way to Make Dark Mode on Facebook

The dark mode is something that is trending at the moment. This can be seen from the iPhone to Android using the Dark Mode theme for the latest operating system. On the ikirangga blog also discusses the dark mode on Whatsapp using GB Whatsapp. What if we could make it for Facebook? In the following, we will discuss how to make Facebook dark using only Google Chrome.

Previously we've discussed Google Chrome using dark mode extensions but this time in a different way. This time we will discuss only using commands and making it through experimental mode. The method is quite simple to use and does not use additional applications such as extensions.

How to make Facebook dark mode

We will show a few steps that can make Facebook dark mode on Google Chrome. This method can only be done by using the Google Chrome browser.
  1. Now we open Google Chrome that we have installed before, we need the role of Google Chrome to run this trick.
  2. Then we switch to the address and we must write the following code:
  3. After that, press enters and we will be taken to the actual settings page for the developers. Why? Because the tab says Experiments.
  4. Now we look at the top menu, Force Dark Mode for Web Contents. By default, the default menu has been selected.
  5. How do we activate dark mode for web content? Of course, we have to choose what used to be Enabled. After becoming enabled we have to press the relaunch button to restart.
  6. Now our Google Chrome is open again and tries to access a website.

Access Facebook Dark Mode

After we do the 5 steps to make Facebook dark mode, it's time we access Facebook. Is Facebook really dark mode or not.
  1. Now we open the Google Chrome browser which we have activated Force dark Mode for Web Content.
  2. As usual, when we will access Facebook, write the address facebook.com in the address bar. Then press enters to start accessing Facebook and you will see that your Facebook has changed to dark mode.
  3. We have completed the mission that we carried out and succeeded.

Things to remember

The thing to remember is that this dark mode display can only be seen by ourselves. Why? Because we only make settings in Google Chrome that we install on the laptop or PC that we use.

How about friends, it's not easy the way we share this time. I am sure friends can follow these steps.

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