By Using Gif Image, Hacker Can Control Our Whatsapp Account

I believe that Whatsapp is a messenger app that it's so famous in this world. Everyone has used this app on their smartphone but there is a dangerous situation in this app. I suggest that you have to update your Whatsapp apps on your Android smartphone or iOS. Why I suggest you like this? Because there is a bug in this Whatsapp previous version.

I knew this from thenextweb website, they said that WhatsApp bug allowed hackers to steal files and messages with GIFs. It's so dangerous I think if I don't warn you about this news. The hacker just sent a gif image to us and they will wait for us to open it. What will happen next? They will steal everything like files, photos, etc.

Based on Awakened, they said that this bug on WhatsApp is a double-free vulnerability. What does it mean double-free? In this case, This vulnerability refers to an anomaly in memory corruption that can cause an application to crash. Even worse, the double-free vulnerability is able to make hackers open exploit vectors to gain access to the device.

Awakened said that this exploitation affects a variety of Android devices, especially Android 8.1 and Android 9.0. However, exploitation does not work for Android 8.0 and below. In the older Android version the application just crashes if there is a double-free.

So we have to update our Whatsapp to the new version, Whatsapp 2.19.244 because Facebook as the owner of Whatsapp already knows about this bug.

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