Update iOS 13 For 14 Device Like iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone XS Max

We can download the update of iOS 13 For 14 Device Like iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone XS Max. You know that there are 2 ways to update for OTA (Out Of the Air), it's direct from your device and the second one is by using the IPSW file as a clean install.

If you have powerfull on your iPhone, you can try to use OTA ways but if your internet package is a limited quota, you can choose download IPSW file as a clean install. In this case, I assume that you want to update manually, so you have to download it from your computer. We can use iTunes to update our iPhone.

There are 14 iPhone that is compatible with iOS 13 like the iPhone 11 series, iPhone XS and X series as a newcomer. Are there old iPhone that is a gift for iOS 13? Of course, you can see the "old" iPhone in this list like iPhone 8 series, iPhone 7 series, iPhone SE series, and iPhone 6S series.

What is iOS 13?

iOS 13 is the new one of the iOS versions on iPhone and iPad but now iPad called iPad. There are many feature update that Apple does with this new iOS update.

How many iPhones are compatible with iOS 13?

I ever write about this compatible with iOS 13, there are 11 iPhone. Nowadays there are 14 iPhone that is compatible with iOS 13. Why it change? Because there are 3 iPhones released this year, iPhone 11 series like iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max.

How to Update iOS 13 on our iPhone?

I am sure that you are confused, how to update it. I had said before, there are 2 methods, OTA method, and clean install method. You will see the explanation of two of them below.

a. OTA method

It's the first method that I said before, the OTA method. By using this method, we direct updates from our iPhone. It's the easy way, I think and we just follow the steps.
  1. The first one, we have to connect our iPhone to a Wifi connection to get more powerful internet.
  2. We can go to Setting and then look at the menu and find General. In this General menu, we will find Software Update.
  3. We can choose Download and Install, it will download first. After finish download, we can choose install it.  

b. Clean install method 

The second method is a clean install, in this case, we have to back up our iPhone by using iTunes first. Why I have to back up? Because we will wipe all of the data and everything on our iPhone. I assume that you have backup your iPhone.
  1. The first step is to download the IPSW file from this page and saves it to your PC or MacBook.
  2. It is a special moment on your iPhone, we have to turn off Find My iPhone feature. How to make it turn off? We can open Settings and then choose the iCloud menu and then we will find Find My iPhone feature. We can make it turn off position.
  3. Open the iTunes application that it has installed in your PC or MacBook. If you use an iPhone, you must install iTunes.
  4. Connect iPhone to your PC or MacBook and then open iTunes. Holding down the Alt button for the macOS user or Shift button for Windows user.
  5. The next step is to click on the Restore iPhone button on iTunes. In this step, we will select the firmware IPSW that we have downloaded before. Now it will restore the firmware of your iPhone. Just wait and see the process.
Based on Redmondpie, there is 14 apple device that it gets the new update for iOS 13. You can try it by download these files.
You can try it by your self and remember, that it's Do With Your Own Risk (DWYOR).  If you do this update by using the right tutorial, I am sure you will success to update your iPhone.

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