How To Share Google Drive Link Sharing File To Public

Nowadays it's no longer the time to store large files on the hard drive. Why is that? Hard drives have a risk of damage that we cannot predict. There is a solution that we can use, namely by using the cloud drive like Google Drive, Mega Cloud Drive, One Cloud (Microsoft Cloud Drive), Samsung Cloud Drive, Box Cloud Drive, and others.

One of my favorite cloud drives is Google Drive, why? Because I do not register anymore but I can get a cloud drive from Google for free. I can save anything like photos, videos, documents, and others.

There are some things that must be known before we discuss more sharing Google Drive links. For example like what's Google drive or what's the function of google drive. I am not sure if everyone realizes that they already have a Google drive account. It's so funny for a person who knows about the internet, Google or something in the techno world.

What is Google Drive?

I think everyone has known about Google Drive but if you do not know yet, I will tell you. Google Drive or Google Cloud Drive is one of a service that is owned by Google for all users. If you have a Gmail account so automatically you have a Google drive.

What is the function of Google Drive?

This is the same when we have a hard drive with a certain capacity. Let say it has capacity 1 TB and we can use it to save the file, document, photo, etc. By using Google Drive or Google Cloud Drive, we can store anything file that we want to save. 

What is the amount of capacity from Google Drive?

If we can store many files with average size, the capacity of Google Drive is big enough, I think. By the way, what is the size of Google Drive? Google gives us cloud storage is 15 GB for personal. How come if I need more size than 15 GB? I suggest you have to pay extra money to buy extra storage for Google Drive.

Who has a google drive account?

I know it was a funny question that I write in my Diandra Blog about Google Drive. Sometimes you have asked the others like your mom, dad or uncle who has using smartphone android. Are they have a Gmail account? Yes, they have. If you asked a question, do you have a google drive account? I am sure they will be confused about this question. 

So who has a google drive account? Everyone who has a Google account. If you have registered the Gmail account, you already have a google drive account. Google Drive is one of the facilities provided by Google to us. What're others? They are Youtube, Google maps, Google Play Store, Google Contacts, Google Photo, Google Calendar, and Google My Business.

How to share Google Drive Link sharing file to the public?

In this step, we can find out how to create a sharing link from the google drive file. There are several steps that we must go through to do a sharing link. What does it mean sharing the public? Everyone who have our sharing link, they can see and download our file.
  1. Open Google Drive page first. There are two choices for personal Google Drive and Business Google Drive.
  2. If you have login in your Gmail account, you will direct link to Google Drive page. I assume that you already on the Google Drive page.
  3. You have to upload a file or some file if you do not have any file yet. If you already had filed, you do not have to upload a file. In this case, I have uploaded my file to Google Drive because I save my file in Google Drive.
  4. Put the cursor on your file and do right-click, it will show a pop-up menu beside the file. There are many menus like the preview, open with, share, get a shareable link, move to, etc.
  5. We want to share our file with the public so we choose menu Share to configure. It will show a pop-up menu and there is a text "Share with others".
  6. Now we have to configure the file with "Advanced Setting", click on this setting on the lower right. It will show the setting of this file from private to public.
  7. How to get a sharing of a link of Google drive that we have to share with others? Now we have to right-click on the file and then choose "Get Shareable Link". If we had chosen this menu, we will get the sharing link.
It's so easy to share a file from Google Drive to the public. We just follow 7 steps to get a link for share with others.

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