How To Make Cookies Notification in our Blogspot or Blogger

When we build a blog or website and the blog or website uses cookies, then we must notify visitors. How do we tell about cookies that are used on our website or blog? We can use a notification that we put on the blog or website.

I believe that every website of a blog using cookies for their information. So this why, Google asks us to give this information about cookie bloggers on our blog or website. There are many names of cookies information like cookies button, cookies pop-up, cookies notification, etc. Maybe you have different names of this cookies information.

Before we discuss how to make a notification cookie,  we have to know about cookies. What are they? We can say that about the definition of cookies and the function of cookies. After we know about it, we can discuss How To Make Cookies Notification in our Blogspot or Blogger.

What is the Cookies notification?

Cookies notification is very important in EU laws for business and citizens. What does it mean? Based on Termfeed, Cookies notifications are small text files that we send it to computer and store in our browser when we are visiting a website.

What is the function of the Cookies notification?

Based on the meaning of cookies, it can be used to collect information from the visitor who comes to our website or blog. This activity contains track records and activities when browsing a website. There are 4 functions of cookies, we can see it below.
  1. Saving Login Information
  2. Save Website Settings
  3. Provides More Personal Content
  4. Display Ads
Cookies notification gives information to us that this blog using cookies for their activities. By using cookies, they can show the ads based on what we search as a visitor. So there is no hidden anything in our blog or website, like cookies, ads, etc.

Make cookies notification in Blogspot or Blogger

In these steps, we can see the main information of this article. How to make cookies notification on our Blogspot. 
  1. We have to visit the cookies notification generator on the Cookie consent website. Why ask you to use this generator? Because this is famous and easy to use for cookies notification.
  2. We can choose Download in the top menu of this website and then they will direct us to some configuration of cookies notification. What kind of configuration in these steps? You can choose the position of cookies notification, layout or theme, palette, learn more link, compliance type. We can use the standard one like text notification or we can customize based on our language or anything.
  3. In this step, we can choose the position of our cookies notification. There are 5 positions that you can choose for cookies notification like banner bottom, banner top, banner top (push down), floating right and floating left.
  4. After we do configure the position, we can configure the layout of cookies notification. What does it mean layout? It's mean like a theme or template. We can choose the shape of the layout of cookies notification. There are 4 layouts that we can choose for it like Block, Classics, Edgeless and Wire.
  5. The next step is using color for our cookies notification and it's called Palette. We can choose our palette for our cookies notification. There customize menu in this palette or the other word that we can create our own colors for our cookies notification. In this advance one, we can configure the colors of cookies notification by using our own HTML code.
  6. After we did something with the palette, we can configure the link of learn-more. In this case, we have to create a special page for Cookies Policy and put it in this learn more configure.
  7. This is an important thing in the Compliance type that I will tell you. It about the information that we use cookies on our blog or website.  In standard configure, we just tell it infomation but there is an advance configure. What's that? There is a choice to make active cookies or not when they visit our website or blog.
  8. The last one is a Custom Text configure. We can write the sentence by our text that makes it different.

It's so easy to make your own cookies notification in a blogger. Now we have done a google cookie notice in our Blogspot or blogger.

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