How to Insert A Table In Microsoft Word

There are many functions of Microsoft Word that we do not know yet. For example, something that we want to share with you, how to insert a table in Microsoft Word. Before this article, I already share about how to make a watermark in Microsoft Word. What is the meaning of watermark? You can read it in that article.

We will discuss how to enter tables in Microsoft Word. There are many things we will discuss besides how to enter the table. What are those things? What does the table look like then is the function of that table

What is the table mean?

A table is a plan of information in lines and segments, or conceivably in a progressively intricate structure. Tables are generally utilized in correspondence, research, and information examination. Tables show up in print media, manually written notes, PC programming, design ornamentation, traffic signs, and numerous different spots.

What is the function of the table?

If we already know about the meaning of the table, so we want to know what is the function of the table. The table can explain a piece of information briefly and it is more interesting than in words.  The table also can serve to support the writer conveying ideas, so this way, they can influence and convince the reader.

How to insert the table in Microsoft Word

In these steps, I want to show how to insert table in Microsoft Word. Actually, there are two methods to insert this table. I will explain it one by one.
  1. First of all, we have to make a new document in Microsoft Word or we already have a document.
  2. Now we have to see one of the Microsoft Office menus, it's called Insert Menu. You can see the symbol like column and table, it's called a table menu. There is an arrow facing down on the table menu then click the arrow.
  3. We can see a lot of tables on this menu and what are the next steps? Of course, we can hover over the tables and select how many columns and rows we will form for a table. It's so easy, right?
  4. Now we already have a table in our Microsoft Word document. In this step, we can give the name of the table and accordance with the needs for what the table was created.
Follow this step and I believe that you can make a table for your own Microsoft document. It's so easy and there is no difficult things in our life. Trust me.....

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