5 Steps to Make Watermark In A Word Document

Microsoft Word is a software that we usually use to write a document. For the steps to create a document in Microsoft Word, we have discussed it before. There are several steps that we must take to create a document. If we follow correctly there will be no difficult things.
What if a document in Microsoft Word is complete? Then we can give a mark to our work.  What kind of mark? Sometimes we want to give a unique mark in our Microsoft Word document. How to make the unique sign? We can use the feature in Microsoft Word, it's called Watermark.

What is a watermark?

Watermark is a sign that we put in a document so that it becomes a character that the document is ours. This watermark can be in the form of writing or in the form of images made not too bright. We put this sign behind the writing of the document.

Can we make our own watermark?

Yes, we can. We can make our own watermark for our document such as if we write a paper by using Microsoft Word. There is a feature in Microsoft Word that we can use to make a watermark. There are two forms of a watermark, namely text, and picture.

Make Watermark In A Word Document

a. Text watermark

This is the first form of a watermark, we use the writing form. What does it mean? It means that the watermark that we will use in the form of writing that we make ourselves. For an example of writing form of a watermark like "Diandra Blog properties" and watermark forms in writing are usually crossed shapes.
There are 5 steps that we can follow to make a writing watermark.
  1. First of all, we have to prepare the document that we will put on a watermark. We can open the document.
  2. Now open the document by using Microsoft Word. We can see the menu and choose a design menu.
  3. Choose the watermark menu for this step. We will see the pop-up of the watermark, there are 3 options, no watermark, picture, and text.
  4. In this step, we want to make the text option of the watermark so we can choose the text one. Type the text that we want to make a watermark, for example, I write "Diandra blog" as my text watermark. Besides the text, we can choose the color of text, size of text and position of watermark.
  5. After we have chosen the option of text watermark, we can choose "ok" button to make all the setting is applied. Now we can see the watermark in our Microsoft Word document.

b. Picture watermark

This is the second option of the watermark in Microsoft word. In this case, we use the picture as a watermark.
  1. We have to open the document that we have made it before.
  2. After the document has been opened by using Microsoft Word, we can see the design menu in this document.
  3. In the design menu, we can see the watermark feature and it will use to make a watermark in our Microsoft Office document.
  4. There is a pop-up menu after we choose the watermark feature. What kind of choice that we have choices? We can choose the picture one to make picture watermark. We can select a picture that we want to make a watermark and click OK button.
  5. After we do it, we can see the picture become our watermark in Microsoft word document.
Now you can make a watermark in a document that you have made in Microsoft Word. You can make the watermark by using text or pictures. Your document becomes safe because if the other uses your document or book, you can see that it was your book that they use.

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