How To Hide Whatsapp Typing Status In Android

Whatsapp is a world-famous messenger application. It's been 10 years since Whatsapp was released, which is 2009. This app is still widely used today and more and more features are embedded on Whatsapp. In addition to official Whatsapp, many developers also make Whatsapp mod. One feature they have developed is hiding status typing.

Previously we have discussed things related to Whatsapp, namely how to run Whatsapp on the desktop. Now we will also discuss how to hide status typing on Whatsapp but we don't use Whatsapp Official. So the application that will be used is Whatsapp Mod and the one that I use is YoWhatsapp. Why we have to use Whatsapp Mod? Because we never find this feature in Whatsapp Official.

What is typing status mean?

This is a default feature of Whatsapp and will activate automatically. Typing status is a status that indicates that someone is active in chat. In my opinion, this status typing is useful in daily use. 

I believe that the creator of Whatsapp applies this feature with a useful purpose. Can we disable this feature? We cannot disable this feature by using Whatsapp Official.

What is the function of typing status?

By looking at typing status, we can see whether the person is still active or not. For example, I am sure that we have seen people type long and make us curious about what they have typed.

Steps to hide Whatsapp typing status

  1. First of all, we have to install Whatsapp Mod. In this case, I already install YoWhatsapp as my Whatsapp Mod in my android smartphone.
  2. Open YoWhatsapp, we can see the logo menu on the top right side of the dot shape. Now we can click this logo menu. After we click on the logo menu on the top right side, it will show us the menu that extends downward. One of the menus is YoMods at the top of the menu.
  3. Ok, guys, YoMod has been clicked by us, and now we go to inside of the YoMods menu. There are many submenus like Update, Privacy, Yothemes, and others.
  4. We have to choose the Privacy menu for the next steps. We can see the other menu like Anti-Delete status, Anti-Delete Message, Show Blue Ticks after reply, Contact, etc.
  5. We choose the Contacts menu, it will show a pop-up menu. We can choose one of the menus, namely, Hide typing.
  6. Click OK to apply this setting in our YoWhatsapp.
Now we already activated hide typing status feature in our Whatsapp Mod. The others will not see our typing status anymore.

How about our tutorial to activated hide typing status? Is anyone still confused? You can write in any comments column that you think is still confused.

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