Free YoWhatsapp v7.99 With Anti Banned Feature

A few months later, Whatsapp had announced everyone who has used WhatsApp mod application, their number will be ban. You know, me myself and Whatsapp mod application all over the world have been ban because of this case but they give me a temporary ban. I will say thanks to God cause they just give me a temporary ban. I can back up my chat and everything in this Whatsapp mod.

What is the Whatsapp mod application that I ever use? I use YoWhatsapp in my android smartphones.  YoWhatsapp is one of the best Whatsapp application mod in this world.

What's Whatsapp application mod?

Whatsapp applications mod is Whatsapp application which is modified by someone and they give some extra features to official Whatsapp application.  What about the feature of this Whatsapp mod? You can see the feature of this application in this discussion.

By the way, what kind of Whatsapp application mod that we want to share? We want to share about YoWhatsapp as one of Whatsapp mod which is very famous in this world.

What's YoWhatsapp or YOWA?

YOWA is one of Whatsapp mod that was modified by YOUSEF AL BASHA. In this YoWhatsapp, we can find the material designed mod, which provides a lot of features including customization, themes, style changes, application keys, conversation keys, privacy mods, Anti-Ban, and the others.

The features of YoWhatsapp

  • We will get regular update of YoWhatsapp
  • Set Image as background for Home screen
  • Chat Bubble feature
  • Freeze Last Seen
  • Call Blocker
  • White Navigation bar support for Android 8.0+
  • In this YoWhatsapp, we can Send 700 MB Videos
  • YoThemes
  • and more features that we can get in YoWhatsapp than Official Whatsapp of course.

What's the change in this YoWhatsapp v7.99?

In the old version, we can get a ban by Whatsapp Official if we use this Whatsapp mod.  In this version, they have to do something and add a feature, it's called anti-ban. 
  • They have added an Anti-BAN feature.
  • They have fixed the error message "Not enough space message"
  • In the old version, it gets some Recording Crash but in this version, we can get a fix of this problem.
  • Sticker is one of the important things in Whatsapp, YoWhatsapp has been fixed from this error. the com. yowa cannot add custom stickers before.
  • We have found that "Deleted message icon not showing" in the older version but they have fixed in this version.
  • "White theme Icons in Voice/Video Call" has been fixed.
  • "Google Play Service error message on registration" has been fixed.
The important things that we have to remember before. Whats is it? I have said before that we have gotten a ban in the older version. We have to do something before using this YoWahstapp version 7.99.
  1. We have to take Chats Backup before 
  2. We have to uninstall/remove the older version of YoWhatsApp first 
  3. After removing it, we can install YoWhatsapp v7.99 and Verify the number that we use for registration again.
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