5 Steps to Watch Netflix Offline In Android

Nowadays, we can watch a movie without download the movie, it's called watch streaming movies. There are many ways to watch streaming movies, legally or illegally. In this case, I do not say about the illegal ways cause it is not a good way to watch streaming movies. The legal ways to watch streaming movies like Netflix, Iflix, and the other application in android.
I will give an example of Netflix in android. Netflix is one of the big companies for streaming movies and also it's so famous in this world besides the other one. You know I have mentioned in the first paragraph like iflix but I just comfortable to watch on Netflix.

There is one feature that I fall in love with Netflix. What's that feature? Offline mode feature when we watch a movie on Netflix, so we do not need an internet connection to watch our favorite movie. You know that when I go traveling with my wife and I have to wait for the plane at the airport so we watch movies on Netflix.

What does it mean of the offline feature on Netflix?

Offline feature is a feature on Netflix that can watch a movie without an internet connection. How it can be? Actually, it is a download feature that makes it an offline feature. What does it mean? We can download movies on Netflix and we can watch it without an internet connection. It will be saved in the storage of smartphone android.

Does this apply to all types of movies on Netflix? 

Based on my experience, almost every movie on Netflix there is an offline feature. So we can enjoy our favorite movie in offline mode. I make offline mode for anime movie because I like it. You know that if we want to watch anime, we have to have spare time to watch it. How come if Netflix doesn't have an offline feature? Wow, it's so amazing, I can not imagine if I have to stay in front of my smartphone android or on my TV Box to watch anime.

Watch Netflix offline in Android

  1. Open our Netflix application in our smartphone android. I suggest you log in first in our Netflix application.
  2. You can search what movie do we want to watch in offline mode in Android.
  3. Now you have to find what movie do you want to watch, in this case, I choose Bleach. There is a download logo on the right side of the film, you can click the download logo.
  4. Now we can see there is download progress on the right of the film. What's the symbol of the progress? We can see the blue one.
  5. After that, we can go to download page and there is a movie that we have download it before.

Is there any expired time?

Yes of course. This movie download on Netflix has limited time to watch it. Can you tell how about a limited time? You can watch the movie that you have to download based on your Netflix account. If our Netflix is over so we can not watch the movie.

Now we can see the movie if we go somewhere, so while waiting for the plane at the airport, we can while watching a movie.

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