5 Steps to Disable or Stop Auto-Update in Google Play Store

Android is one of the popular smartphone operating systems. It was owned by Google, as a famous search engine company. There are many types of facilities that Google has provided through the android operating system. Why I said that? Because we can find more than anything in the android apps store and it's named Google Play Store.

It is the same thing as you use iOS on the iPhone, you use the App Store. In this case, we use the Google Play Store in the Android operating system.

What's Google Play Store?

Google Play Store is an application store that is owned by Google. It becomes Android market apps and you can download every software or application from this Google Play Store.

Based on information from the app brain,  there are 2,740,051 applications in Google Play Store until August 4th, 2019. I think it's so many applications that we can choose it for our android smartphone. I suggest you have to install applications that you need and do not install what you want. It will make your smartphone become lag or storage become full of applications.

What kind of application in the Google Play Store?

There are so many kinds of applications that we can download from the Google Play Store. Start from social media until office applications. Are all applications free? Not all of them are free, some of them you have to pay some money to download and install in our android smartphone.

There is a feature in the google play store that can make us not bother for manual updates. It can be auto-update all of the applications that we have download and install.

Sometimes this feature makes our internet data package is out of control. For example, if we buy just 7 GB for one month and a total of applications that we have installed more than 7 GB. You can imagine our internet data connection? 

How to update google play store manually? Actually, there is a way to control our data internet connection package. We have to turn off the auto-update feature from the setting menu of the Google Play Store. In this situation, we have to update google play store manually.

Steps to disable or stop auto-update in the Google Play Store

I want to show how to disable auto-update applications in the Google Play Store. There are easy 4 steps that we have to follow it.
  1. For the first time, we have to make sure that the Google Play Store has installed. We can see the icon of the Google Play Store in our home or application.
  2. Now we can open the Google Play Store and click on 3 line icon in the search column of it.
  3. After the menu has been opened, we can see the setting menu and we have to click to open it.
  4. Now we can see the Auto-update apps menu, click on it and we can see a pop-up to choose one of the choices.
  5. You have finished your step to disable your auto-update apps fitur in Google Play Store.
Now we can disable or stop auto-update in Google Play Store and we do not afraid of data internet package become empty because of the auto-update feature. You have to update manually and check manually if you want to update the applications.

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