How To Disable Double Tick On Whatsapp

Before this article, we have already discussed hiding status typing on Whatsapp. There is the other trick that we can use on Whatsapp, what is that? We can disable double tick on Whatsapp. How do that? We can use this trick if we use Whatsapp Mod.

There are many kinds of Whatsapp Mod, it's about three or four kinds of them. In this case, I use YoWhatsapp as my Whatsapp Mod on my android smartphone. If you don't want confused about what I have to choose, you can follow me to use YoWhatsapp.

Before we explain how to disable double tick on Whatsapp, we have to know about the double tick. What is a double tick? Is there any function of a double tick? How come if there is no double tick on our Whatsapp?

We have to know all about the double tick. Okay, I will try to explain one by one that I have said before.

What is a double tick?

The first one is the meaning of double tick. What is it? or It just only a sign of Whatsapp? You know that if we do a chat with someone on Whatsapp, there are double or single tick beside our chat. double tick is a sign of message status on Whatsapp. It's called send and then it was read by others or it's just sent and it wasn't read by others.

Actually this sign (double tick, I mean), it's so useful for us as a user of Whatsapp. Sometimes this sign makes our privacy a little disturbed by others. It seems to me but if you have the other opinion, you can write in the comment column.

What the function of a double tick?

Next explanation about the function of the double tick. It shows us that someone has read our chat or not. It will give us information about our chat. There are two types of double tick, a grey one and a blue one. What is the difference between them? They have different functions to give us information. You can look at my explanation about them.
  1. Two gray ticks. It's mean that messages have been received on the destination smartphone, but they have not been read.  
  2. Two blue ticks. It's mean that the message has been read by our friend or someone on the others chat.
So the color gives us different information, we have look at the color of this tick.

Steps to disable double tick on Whatsapp

There are some steps that we have to follow to disable double tick on Whatsapp Mod. I believe you can do this if you follow the steps that I give to you.
  1. Make sure that you have installed YoWhatsapp on your android smartphone. If you didn't installed it yet, you can take it from the YoWhatsapp website.
  2. I assume you have installed YoWhatsapp and now open the YoWhatsapp application. You will see the menu icon with three-dot on the upper right side.
  3. Click three-dot on the upper right side and you will see the menu show from this logo. There many sub-menu like YoMods, Setting, etc.
  4. We have to choose YoMods and now we can see inside of YoMods menu. There are sub-menu in this YoMods like Updates, Privacy, YoThemes, and others. In this step, we have to choose the Privacy Menu.
  5. After we choose the Privacy Menu, we can see the sub-menu inside of it. We can see the other menu like Anti-Deleted Status, Anti-Deleted Messages, Show Blue Ticks after reply, Contacts, etc. In this step, we have to choose the Contact menu.
  6. After we choose the Contact menu, it will show us a pop-up menu. Choose hide second tick to disable double ticks in Whatsapp and click OK to apply this choice.

now all steps to disable double tick have been done. What next step should we do? We have to test these steps, success or not. Try to send a message to the opponent and what happens to this message. Does the chat opponent see a single tick or double tick when we see the message? If the opponent sees a single tick then the steps we do have succeeded.

Congratulations, you have done your mission to disable double tick in your Whatsapp by using YoWhatsapp.

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