5 Steps to Create a Document in Microsoft Word

Write a document in our daily life is a common activity like an assignment on campus, write a letter in the office. Everyone has to learn how to write in software and I believe you know what about this software. Yes, you alright, it's Microsoft Office Word. You can do anything in this software like write a letter, make an essay, an application letter, a proposal, etc.

I will write a tutorial on how to write a document using Microsoft Office Word. I know that it's for you that you still learn Microsoft Office Word and you are the new one. There are 3 steps to create a new document in Microsoft Word.

Besides the step to create a new document, I write how to save this document on our PC and print this document. You can use this tutorial in not only in macOS but you can use this tutorial in Windows.

Create a document in Microsoft Word

  1. Open our Microsoft Word software in our PC or MacBook that we have installed before.
  2. Now you can see that Microsoft Word has been opened and the clean worksheet is ready for you.
  3. If you have already written a document that you have to write, you can save it. How to save it? You can click save in the file menu, you have to give the name of the document and click save. It's steps to save a document in Microsoft Word.
  4. Now you can see a file that we have saved a Document in Microsoft Word.
Now you already how to write a document in Microsoft Word. is there anything that we have to know except just write a document and save it. I know that the document is already finished but it just in our PC or MacBook. We have to print it if we want to send it to the other person or give to your boss.

Steps to print our document

After we create a Document in Microsoft Word, we can print it in a piece of paper. What for? For example, if we create an application letter or proposal, we have to send it to the company or the others.
  1. We have saved the document that we have created it in Microsoft Word. Do not close it if we want to print it.
  2. Click one of the menus of Microsoft Word, choose File and you will see the other menu in it, click Print.
  3. You will see the contents of the Print menu. We can choose a printer, type of paper, amount of the paper that will be printed.
Now we have known how to create a document in Microsoft Word and print it if we have finished the document. If there is a question about this article, you can write in a comment column. We can discuss it together.  

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