Monetize Your Blog With Shortening Llink Using SafelinKu

Money is one important thing in this world. There is something in this world need money to buy it. How we get money with our own blog? There are many ways how to monetize our blog, for example, register our blog to Google Adsense or the other advertisement program. Have you ever tried it before? Yes but I want to get the other money from the other ways except for advertisement like Google Adsense.

There is a requirement to register for Google Adsense, your article must original, there is no violence of copyright, etc. How come if my blog is a blog with the content is to share software or movie? Of course, you can get approval from Google. It is so dangerous blog I think.

There is a way to get money from the blog that is totally rejected by Google. You can put safelink in your share file link to get monetize your blog. I do not advice to take this way but I only give you an alternative monetize, you take it or not, it's your choice. There is a website that you can help you monetize your blog, it's safelinKu.

Do you interesting in this program to monetize your blog? I think you can answer in your heart and your mind. Okay, I will try to explain it as simple as I can to you. How it works to monetize in our blog? In simple mind that it will change the link from your link download in your blog.

There is a rate for each country and it's a different rate. I will give you the rate of this country but it's only some rate, you can see the complete one on the website SafelinKu. The high rate in German Country, it's about $10 / 1000 visitors. So you can use this safelinkU in this language (German, Kuwait, Netherlands, Qatar, Switzerland, etc) except for English.

How it works on our blog?

SafelinkU uses advertisements on their page that we will see when we click the link. They use advertisements like Google Adsense. I will show you what it works.
  1. So when we share something to download, we will automatically find the link that we share turns into a link that comes from safelinkU.
  2. After the other click the shortlink, we will see a safelinkU page, you will see an advertisement on this page and timer. The loading of a timer about 5 seconds.
  3. We have to wait until the timer is finished and we will see the download button from a file that you have shared.
  4. You will get the money from the link file that we click from a safelinKu link.
Now you can get money from a blog that you have to monetize from a file that we have share and the other download it from shortener link.

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