5 Easy Steps To See Password of Wifi Using Mac OS

WiFi password is a code that is made so that other people do not access the wifi access. There is a question, can we know these passwords without those who have the password to know? Of course, I can. This is not a way to break passwords and I will not discuss this.

Why am I inspired to make an article easy steps to see wifi password using macOS? This morning there was a friend who connected to the wifi connection but he didn't enter the password. Then he asked me, can I see the entered password? I can answer it. Why do I answer that? Because we can indeed see the password that has been entered.

For Windows users, we can easily see the entered password. How do I find out the WiFi password on a MacOS laptop? Can we easily see the password? macOS has an application called Keychain Access that stores all the information on Apple MacOS laptops.

Easy Steps To See Wifi Password Using Mac OS

  1. Click Spotlight Search then type Keychain Access then click to open it.
  2. After Keychain Access opens select System and friends will find wifi names that friends have connected to.
  3. Select one of the Wifi names and double-click the name then a window will appear as shown below and click on the empty box next to "Show Password".
  4. After that, fill in your username and password in accordance with the ones on your friends' MacBook now.
  5. Now the wifi password will appear that we want to see earlier.
Now, this is a way to see the WiFi password on MacOS by using the Keychain Access application, which is the default application from MacOS. The message I respect is someone who has a password if friends can see it this way, just think friends don't know. Use this method if you want to use friends on other devices and for personal purposes.

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