IPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices that are compatible with iOS 13

This is fresh air for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users who will receive the latest updates. Will all devices receive this latest update? Will the device that received iOS 12 update receive iOS 13 updates? It's not like that, guys.

Why is important to know? Because I want to tell you about our iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch that is still supported by Apple. Now You can prepare for the arrival of the latest iOS from Apple if your device supports it. You can see the list that I give to you below, is there your device on that list?.

List of Apple Devices that receive iOS 13 updates

No iPhone iPad iPod
1 iPhone XR iPad Air 3 (10.5 inches) iPod Touch 7th Gen
2 iPhone XS iPad Air 2
3 iPhone XS Max iPad 6
4 iPhone X iPad 5
5 iPhone 8 iPad Pro
6 iPhone 8 Plus iPad Pro (12.9 Inch) 1st/2nd/3rd Gen
7 iPhone 7 iPad Pro (10.5 inches)
8 iPhone 7 Plus iPad Pro (11 inches)
9 iPhone SE iPad Mini 5
10 iPhone 6S iPad Mini 4
11 iPhone 6S Plus
Source: Redmondpie.com

If we look at the list, we don't find the iPhone 5S that has always been updated every time Apple does an iOS update. The iPhone 5S gets updates starting from iOS 7 to iOS 12. This means that he gets support for 6 generations of iOS. It's long support for a smartphone.

So it can be seen from the list that appears that the device that gets this iOS 13 updates is a totally of 64 bits. This is like what happened when iOS 11 was released a few years ago which eliminated devices with 32-bit architects. This means it's time for friends to update their iPhone, iPad, and iPod if they want to get iOS 13 updates.

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