Gmail for Android Get Dark Mode Feature

Nowadays, there is much application in smartphones using dark mode features. It seems to me, one of the reasons dark mode feature embedded in a smartphone application aims to protect the eyes at night. Developers of application have become aware of this and implemented the dark mode function in every application they make.

In this case, Google is a developer who cares about the functions of dark mode in an application. Google Mail or Gmail is one of application which is released by Google, it has gotten dark mode feature in the new update.

Based on GSM Arena, on Friday (6/21/2019), it's not all users can use dark mode on their Gmail service yet. This feature has come to randomly for a number of people, who have used the latest version of the Gmail application.
As far as we know that Gmail or Google Mail is one application that is often used and seen by people all over the world. Now I will ask you a question what email do you have in your smartphone android? Absolutely, you can say that I have a Gmail or Google Mail in my hand. 

Actually, there have been "dark mode" in Gmail, but we have to set it manually and not all parts become black. According to information circulating, later this dark mode feature will function automatically in Gmail or Google mail.

Google has not given official confirmation about the presence of the dark mode yet. However, they (read: Google) are expected to be able to immediately bring a dark mode to the Gmail application optimally. You know that this is the hope of all Gmail users to be able to use dark mode in their Gmail application.

Wow, I can't wait to use dark mode in Gmail, how about you? Do you also anticipate the dark mode features in Gmail? I hope Google hears my prayer.