8 Benefits of Oranges For Our Health

Vitamin C is useful to provide enough intake to increase our body's resistance to seasons that change with the extreme. What fruit can we rely on to source vitamin C naturally? Yes, friends, the answer is orange fruit. Orange is rich in vitamin C and anti-oxidants which are very important for the immune system and avoid infection and flu.

Aside from the above, oranges contain phytochemicals that can be used to fight cancer. It turns out that it doesn't really need expensive prices to get fruit that contains many benefits. At a price of Rp. 13,000, we can get many benefits from this citrus fruit, a woman's best friend.

Based on what we have quoted from Republika, orange, besides being known as fresh fruit and can remove canker sores, turns out to have a lot of nutrients. This is supported by the statement of a San Diego nutritionist, Laura Flores, who said that citrus fruit is a fruit that can help add food nutrition because oranges have 85 calories but are not fat and cholesterol.

According to what we quoted from halodoc, there are several benefits possessed by orange that we must know and according to experts, this fruit has many benefits from lowering cholesterol to controlling blood pressure that is often suffered by most people. Did many know about this? Or is it just news that only gets to know?

8 benefits of orange for our health

1. Reducing the risk of cancer in the human body

So useful is the creation of God Almighty, friend. How not, this orange fruit also turns out to have very extraordinary benefits for the human body that can reduce the risk of cancer. Orange contains limonoid which helps prevent cancer cells from appearing in the skin, lungs, breast, stomach and large intestine. This is related to the function of vitamin C contained in orange which protects cells from free radicals.

2. Useful for skin beauty or health

Now, this is a benefit that will make mothers happy when they are diligently consuming citrus fruits. Beautiful is not only from cosmetics or other things that are chemical in nature, but it also turns out this orange can make the skin more healthy and protected from damage because citrus fruits rich in vitamin C contained beta-carotene and antioxidants. What is the function? Beta-carotene and antioxidants can protect skin cells from damage. The conclusion is to make beautiful skin from the inside.

3. Useful for our heart health

As we have seen earlier, these orange contain antioxidants, so in addition to beauty, antioxidants serve to be useful in fighting free radical damage and help prevent cholesterol oxidation. It turns out that cholesterol oxidation attaches to the inside of the arteries and reduces the blood supply to the heart, which causes a heart attack in the human body. The function of the antioxidants found in these citrus fruits is to neutralize the effects of these free radicals and protect the heart from the risk of heart attacks.

4. Useful for bone health

It turns out that not only canker sores, friends can be helped using vitamin C and it turns out that this also works for bones. Citrus fruits contain vitamin C which is needed by our body. Actually, what is the function of vitamin C in this case? Vitamin C can help our body absorb enough calcium and vitamin D more optimally.

5. Serves to improve mood

Wow, it turns out it's not just the health of the body that can be helped by oranges. What can this orange fruit do? The content of folate found in citrus fruits can produce serotonin which serves to provide stimulation to the brain in terms of feeling happy. It is found in research that states that the aroma of citrus fruit can improve mood and energy.

6. Serves to control blood pressure

The sixth benefit is orange can also control blood pressure, how? We can consume these oranges regularly so that blood pressure will be controlled by compounds contained in orange called flavonoids called hesperidin.

7. Useful to overcome constipation when defecating

No less important function of orange is related to the expenditure system after the food is digested, namely defecation. Why can oranges help overcome this? Orange is one of many fruits that contain fiber, this fiber can help overcome constipation when defecating. Fiber is needed in the digestion process of our body and fiber we can get from this orange fruit.

8. Serves to maintain the body's resistance to disease

As we know that citrus fruits are one of the fruits that have high vitamin C content. Vitamin C can stimulate the production of white blood cells that function to maintain your immune system. Of course, white blood cells produced must remain controlled.

Alright, guys, here are 8 benefits of orange that it must be friends and I as a writer know. Why if I and my friends don't know about these benefits, surely we will be lazy to consume citrus fruits for health. You may share this information with anyone on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media so that they, father, mother, friends, and others so that we all know.