How to Start A Blog in Blogger Platform

A blog is one type of website whose content contains the thoughts of one or several authors. The content of the blog has a chronological order, it's mean that it starts from the latest content to the oldest content.

In my opinion, a blog is more simple than a website because it contains personal content like article, video, opinion, etc. There are two cms (Content Management System) platforms that are most often used to write blogs. They are bloggers and WordPress. It seems to me, they (blogger and WordPress) are the same. What are the different of them? It just the quality of the content that we have written in both of them.

Blogger and WordPress are free to use but if we use Blogger, we can free to use without buying a hosting and if we use Wordpress, we need buying a hosting to install our WordPress.

In this case, I want to tell you How to Start A Blog in Blogger Platform. I will show how to register a blog by using the Blogger platform for free.

Start a blog in blogger platform

  1. For the first time, we have to register a Google account like Gmail. Why? Because Gmail account can be a way to access the other Google Product and one of them is the Blogger.
  2. Open browser and type in address bar
  3. If we have a login in Google email, we do not need sign in So when we open the Blogger website we will direct login.
  4. We can start to make a new blog on this page. Click "Create a new blog" on this page and we can give the name of the new blog and address of this blog. We must give a unique name to the blog address. Why? Because if we only give a common name, maybe the others already take this name.
  5. Now we already get a new blog on the Blogger platform. We can choose a theme that the Blogger has given it or we can buy outside of it.
Nowadays, we can start a blog on Blogger without any difficulties. Do not hear a voice from the other before you try a tutorial to start a blog. In the other article, I will tell you how to change the theme of the Blogger blog. Check it out.

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