Easy Way to Find Android Use Android Device Manager

Find My iPhone is one feature that we can use to tracking our iPhone if we lose it. What about Android? Is there any feature like the iPhone has? Google had released a feature like the iPhone has, it's called Google Find My Device.

This feature like this is very very useful for me. Why? Because I am forgetful, I use this feature to looking for my smartphone android. Thanks, Google for this feature.

I will tell you this way for two steps, they are preparation dan use Android Device Manager. Why do I share it into two steps? Because I believe if it comes with the two-step, it will easy to understand by the other.

Okay, I will start the step that I have talked to you before.


In this step, I will show you what we should prepare before we use this feature. There is some step in this preparation.
  1. Install the first Android application Google Find My Device in Google Play Store.
  2. Sign in Google email first in our smartphone Android to synchronize everything in our Google Account.
  3. We have to set GPS to be active and make it become a high priority.

Use Android Device Manager

  1. Open our favorite browser like Google Chrome, type in the address bar this link https://www.google.com/android/find?u=0 to open our Google Find account. If we have connected our Google email, we can directly open our Google Find Account.
  2. After we open Google Find Account, we will see this home page of Google Find Account.
  3. We can click try to connect to tracking our smartphone android. Based on my experience when we want to connect our smartphone, we need time to track our smartphone android.
  4. If we have connected to our smartphone, it will show us the location of our smartphone android.
  5. So what we can do if we have connected with our smartphone? We can play sound, a secure device like a locked phone or erase data in our smartphone android.
Nowadays, we can use Google Find My Device to secure our smartphone android. I believe that Google releases this feature to make use as a user easy to handle our smartphone android.

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