Microsoft Office for macOS Sierra free download

I know we have to upgrade our macOS to become the new one, but I still love this macOS version 10.12.6. I got a problem finding Microsoft Office that is suitable for this macOS Sierra. Why? Because once, I had to download the other version, but I got this message, "this version isn't suitable for your macOS." Fortunately, I found this in lovely Google about Microsoft office for macOS Sierra, and it's totally free.

At this moment, I want to share with all of you who are getting the same problem to get Microsoft Office for macOS Sierra.

Microsoft Office for macOS Sierra

Finally, I got a light in the dark; after almost two days, I search on Google with every keyword. If you still doubt what I write for you, you can search with the office version 16.29.19090802. I am sure you will get the same version as what I have shared with you.
  1. We have to download Microsoft Office 16.29.19090802 version.
  2. After we download it, we can directly install it in this macOS 10.12.6.
You have to follow these steps, and these are small steps, I think. It's just two steps.

Microsoft Office file size

There is a small question about Microsoft Office file size. What is the size of Microsoft Office files that we should download? It's about 1.5 GB; it's huge enough for us to download it. We have to wait for it until the finish, but it's very useful for our macOS version.

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