Change Google Pixel navigation to be more modern and interesting

Google Pixel is a smartphone project initiated by Google as "their own product." If each vendor uses their own user interface, then Google prefers pure Android. On Android 10 and Android 11, Google uses three navigation menu options. How do we change the Google Pixel navigation to make it more enjoyable?

Apart from allowing other vendors to use the Android operating system, they seem to have the same desire. One of those wishes is to launch an Android smartphone product. What is the purpose of starting this brand? That is what I think is a big mystery for me. 

Is there a hidden purpose and purpose? Or does Google also want to taste the sweetness of the smartphone business? Yes, it's only Google that knows the answer.

Google Pixel navigation type

After we know who the Google Pixel is, he is one of Google's products. Something is interesting about the Google Pixel with Android 10 and 11 being used. On Android 10 and 11, I found three types of navigation buttons that we can use. The three types of navigation are as follows:

  1. Gesture navigation
  2. 2-button navigation
  3. 3-button navigation

It seems that these three types of navigation are enjoyable to use. Which one is more attractive to use? Before we get into any further, we will discuss ways to change that.

How to change the navigation button

After we know that several types of navigation on the Google Pixel. How do we try it all? How do you change it on our Google Pixel smartphone?

  1. Now we first open the settings icon menu on the Google Pixel smartphone.
  2. There will be many menus that we find there and of course, make us even dizzier.
  3. At the top, we will see a search field and now type "System Navigation." In a moment, we will meet the menu that we will be referring to.
  4. In this menu, we will see three types of navigation that we can use.
  5. Now we will select Gesture Navigation as the navigation we will use.
  6. In a moment, the navigation buttons at the bottom of the screen will disappear and replace with a short line.

What if we want to change the Google Pixel navigation menu to be like before? Friends can do the five steps above and decide which navigation will be selected.

Those are some of the steps we can take to change Google Pixel navigation. I am sure this will be even more interesting if you immediately try it.

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