GCam video quality setup on our Google Pixel, It's important

Now more and more people are curious about Google Camera or GCam. Why? Because this GCam offers many features that are not available from the default smartphone camera. This article will tell you how to set the video quality on GCam on a Pixel smartphone.

Before we discuss further Google Camera or GCam, we better get acquainted with it first. There are many things we should know about GCam, apart from being a product of Google. GCam is so special for Google.

What is Gcam?

Actually, what is GCam? GCam is short for Google Camera. In the past, Google released Google Camera for all devices, but now, they are only releasing Google smartphones. So GCam is so special, and no smartphone can use it except a smartphone from Google. They are Google Pixel Series.

GCam Advantages

There are several advantages possessed by GCam (Google Camera), so that many want to use it. Did you know? Some so many people have also tried to port this application to be run on smartphones other than Google Pixel. There are at least three advantages that attract the Google Camera application.
  1. The night sight feature is embedded by Google in the GCam software (Google Camera). By using this feature, we can adjust saturation and lightness in low light conditions.
  2. On GCam, there is also a Slow Motion feature, which is useful for adjusting the speed of movement in the video. As the name implies, it will make motion slower and more stable than the default camera app.
  3. Interestingly, there is an EIS feature that functions to maintain the stability of a shake or shake against the camera.

GCam video quality setup

This is the essence of our discussion in this article. Is that? How do we set up for GCam video quality? Actually, GCam only has 2 video qualities that can be used. Am I them? They are Full HD (1080p) and 4K quality. Imagine if we use the 4K setting, How big they are but with the best quality video.

The following are the steps for changing the video quality according to your needs.
  1. First of all, we have to open our GCam and choose video mode. Why? Because we only can see the setting in this mode.
  2. Now we can see on top, and there is a symbol like an arrow. We have to click on it, and we will see the invisible setting mode.
  3. After we click on this symbol, we will see the menu like you can see below.
  4. Choose the resolution that we want to use, Full HD or 4K resolution.
  5. After choosing Full HD or 4K resolution, we can know everywhere on our smartphone screen to hide this menu.
Now we have to choose what resolution that we gonna use in our need.

Full HD or 4K Resolution in GCam?

Alright, this was the best question I had at the time I created this article. What's video resolution that I have to choose, Full HD or 4K resolution? Myself, I will choose Full HD resolution for daily use; why? Because the file size of Full HD is smaller than 4K resolution, of course. How about the result of the video from Full HD? It's not bad, but It's detailed as 4K, but it's enough for daily use.

So, we don't have to choose the 4K resolution? No, I am not said 4K is not important to be a choice. If we want to get better video results, maybe for a client or a condition that we have to get better than Full HD, we can choose 4K. It depends on the need. Of course, we need more storage free than Full HD.

Well, I have told you about how to set up GCam video quality and the resolution we will choose. We can see the steps, and I am sure we can set up by ourselves.

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