How do I buy a google domain for our blog?

In building a blog or website, we need a name. Why do we need that? Because the title will make us known by many people. We can create the brand using a domain. There are many registrars, and one of them is Google Domain. How do I buy a google domain for our blog? I will tell you in my article, so be patient about it.

We can make many names as a domain name, for example, this blog with the name You will know why I made this name, please read about this blog. Many people recommend using a domain directly from Google Domains. Why? Because of the maximum support from Google.

What is Google Domain?

If we talked about a website's branding or blog using a domain, we could get it on Google Domains. So what is Google Domain? Google Domains is an Internet domain name registration service offered by Google. They also provide domain registration, including private domain registration, DNS host, DNSSEC, Dynamic DNS, domain forwarding, and email forwarding.

Are we only Blogspot supported by Google Domain? Of course not. We can connect Google Domains with several third-party services such as Blogger, Google Sites, Squarespace,, Weebly, and Shopify. So what's getting interested in using Google Domains.

How to buy Google Domain?

It's a good question; how can I buy a name in Google Domain? So we have to follow the steps that I will tell you below.
  1. The first step is we must visit the Google Domain site first.
  2. Once on the Google Domains page, we will see a search field. Use this column to find the domain name we want. For example, I will type "' and click Get It.
  3. Now Google Domain will tell us, the domain name can be taken by us or no. If this name is still free, they will show us the price of this domain.
  4. We can click on the cart logo beside the price of this domain. Our domain will come to the cart page and ready to pay.
  5. On this cart page, we will offer to buy custom email by using our domain. If we don't need it, we can ignore it and click on the checkout button. Follow the instruction, and we will arrive at to page that we can use a credit card or something to buy this domain name.
Now we have to buy it and already have the domain name as the web site's brand name or blog that we build.

The price of the domain

The last question is about the price set by Google Domains that we buy there. The price depends on the name suffix of the domain, whether .com, .net, .site or some other name. For example a domain name .com is $ 12 per year and .tech is $ 40 per year.

Will a .com domain be the same all the price? Not necessarily, sometimes because the name is unique and rare it can cost more than $ 12.

For Google Domains, the price is slightly more expensive than others, but it is in accordance with customer satisfaction.

Choose a domain name according to our needs and also according to the budget. Why? Because if it is over budget it will be troublesome when it comes to extending the domain.

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