The Playstation 5 release date was officially announced

Playstation is one of the consoles made by Sony that the next generation is still waiting for after the Playstation 4. This console was officially announced for its release date and price at an event titled Playstation 5 Showcase.

The announcement for this official release date is today, September 17, 2020, at 03.00 AM. Official dates and prices are announced via streaming media.

Playstation 5 official release date

As stated earlier, Sony has released its official date, which is November 2020. Will this be released globally? It turns out that this date is only for specific countries, and one of them is, of course, Japan.

Then when is it available for the global market? It turns out that the successor to the Playstation 4 will be available on November 19, 2020. This means that it is only 7 days or about 1 week from the first release.

Official price

Apart from the announced release date, it turns out that Sony also announced the price. How much is the price for this console from Sony? The standard version will be released at $ 499 and the Digital Edition at $ 399.

Pre-order of Playstation 5

It turns out that Sony opens pre-orders on its site and only for select people. They choose based on staying passionate about this new product?

So, how do you measure the level of interest in a product? : D

Guys, do you interested in trying to pre-order? Who knows, it might be a lucky customer to own a PS5 at the first opportunity.

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