WhatsApp Payment Officially Released, Send Money as Easy as Send Photos

Facebook has officially launched a money transfer service called Whatsapp payment. WhatsApp Payment Officially Released, Send Money as Easy as Send Photos. This is indeed a pretty accurate strategy for using Whatsapp as a payment gateway today. Can you imagine how many Whatsapp users around the world?

According to Fortunly page, Friday (31/1/2020), WhatsApp users reach 1.5 billion active users in 180 countries. This shows that if Facebook launched the WhatsApp payment service, of course it would not be difficult to find a marketing target. Why? Because they already have a target and market for which they have the data.

Features offered by Whatsapp Payment

Of course, Whatsapp offers a payment that is quickly sent, quickly accepted, and request payment. There are two main features offered by Whatsapp payment, namely Get paid for sales and Make purchase or transfer.

#1 Get paid for sales

In this case, you can sell something to someone by using Whatsapp Business. We can accept unlimited payments from customers. There is a fee for the transaction, it's 3.99% for a fee per transaction. So we have to use WhatsApp Business App to activate this feature. We have to choose to get paid for a sale during the Facebook Pay set up.

#2 Make purchase or transfer

The second feature is to send and receive money from your friends and family by debit, credit, or combo cards. I think it's easy as using mobile banking.

There is no fee is charged when you use Facebook Pay to pay for purchases or transfer money to friends and family. To enable this functionality on the WhatsApp Business app, choose "make a purchase or transfer" during the Facebook Pay set up. Actually, Facebook connects Facebook pay to Whatsapp so we can use it as Whatsapp Payment.

Participating Bank

In this case, WhatsApp Business users can only receive money from users who have set up Facebook Pay. I will tell you that Whatsapp accepts debit and credit card from the bank below : 

  • Nubank (Mastercard) 
  • Banco de Brasil (Visa) 
  • Sicredi (Visa and Mastercard) 
  • Woop, a digital arm of Sicredi (Visa)

At this time only four have joined Whatsapp Payment. So we are just waiting for updates from Whatsapp when other banks will join Whatsapp Payment.

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