Finally Facebook release Gaming App on for iOS but there is something miss

There are good news and bad news from Facebook for Gaming App, Facebook gaming. They have released these apps, but there is no game in Facebook Gaming apps. What's going on with these apps? Is there any problem or something?

Even though Facebook has followed all the strict rules from Apple. Facebook isn't happy about that and provided a statement to The Verge saying as much.

What Facebook said about Facebook Gaming apps?

Sheryl Sandberg, as Facebook COO, told The Verge that the iPhone version of the Facebook Gaming app is now "inferior" to the one that Android users can enjoy.
Unfortunately, we had to remove gameplay functionality entirely in order to get Apple’s approval on the standalone Facebook Gaming app — meaning iOS users have an inferior experience to those using Android,” said Sandberg. “We’re staying focused on building communities for the more than 380 million people who play games on Facebook every month — whether Apple allows it in a standalone app or not.
It turns out that this is not only happening to Facebook but also to Microsoft. Microsoft wants to bring its gaming streaming application, xCloud, to the iOS ecosystem, but Apple, in its policy, does not allow this.

So, iOS users cannot fully enjoy the features available on Facebook Gaming. I am sorry to hear this news, even though Android users have experienced the streaming and game features of this app.

What do you think about this? What are the goals of Apple? Do they protect the privacy of their users against possible outside interference? Or is it purely a business thing?

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