Mute Always Whatsapp and Expiring Message Features

Whatsapp is a popular application on this earth. From middle to upper-class smartphone users using this messenger. There is a feature that works to mute a group that is Mute for 1 year and will be the Mute Always Whatsapp feature. After releasing the dark theme feature, finally, Whatsapp began to develop this one feature.

Why does Whatsapp do this? Because of the user's request is sometimes interrupted by chat on Whatsapp Group. Once, we were in a situation wanting to get out, but it was not right, and finally, we did mute for 1 year.

Mute Always Whatsapp Feature Development

According to WA Beta Info, this feature is still under development by Whatsapp. So this feature has not yet appeared for general users, and new possibilities will look for beta users.

Some critical notes submitted by WA Beta Info related to this latest feature. The vital signs are as follows:

  • This feature is not yet available so you don't find it on your Whatsapp yet.
  • It is still under development by Whatsapp.
  • If you haven't seen this feature, then it's not a problem with the Whatsapp application you are using.

If you are still curious about what version of this feature already exists? For information from WABetaInfo, for the Whatsapp version that already has the Mute Always feature, version What must be remembered is that this version is Whatsapp beta.

Expiring Message Feature

Following the title that I wrote earlier, there is one more feature that is being developed by Whatsapp. If you have used BBM (Blackberry Messenger or Short Message Service), who used this feature first, delete old messages. It seems that Whatsapp will implement the feature called Expiring Message.

Will this feature be active by default? Of course not, according to WABetaInfo, this feature can be deactivated by the user and used as needed. Life is a choice, so active or non-active is the choice of Whatsapp users.

The impact by using the Expiring Message feature

As we see from the understanding, of course, by activating this feature, the old message will be deleted immediately. The effect will reduce the use of storage on Android or iPhone smartphones that we use.

Why is that? Because each word, image, and link that is shared via Whatsapp will use some of the available storage on an Android smartphone. If this is removed, it will increase the free space on storage, and this means that storage will be more relieved.

Our habits as Whatsapp users rarely or even never delete messages that are old and unused. I can not imagine how long it will take to delete these messages on Whatsapp.

Now from my explanation, I have seen the second function besides saving space; it also saves time from Whatsapp users to delete old messages.

Those are the two newest features that will be present in the Whatsapp application, and of course, we look forward to the next update. Always stay tuned in the Google App Store if there are the latest updates for Whatsapp and check whether this feature is available.

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