Easy way to delete Google Activity automatically

It is no secret that all our activities are automatically suppressed when using Google services. What if we want those traces to disappear automatically? Actually, since the issue of privacy is in the spotlight, Sundar Phicai along with Google and Alphabet has issued a new policy. We will discuss the ease of removing Google Activity automatically. This applies to all core activities of Google users.

I personally feel that this policy will be a form of comfort when using Google services. This means that we will not be "spied on" all our gestures in cyberspace by Google. How do I delete activities on Google without us having to delete them manually? This is what we will discuss together - on my beloved thought blog.

What things are recorded by Google Activity?

There are three things that have been stored in our activities. Are you aware of this? Maybe some people are aware and some are not, and that includes me. I only know one thing, that is when searching on Google our assets are recorded and that's all. Apparently, there are three things that escaped my observations.

# Web & App Activity

In this section, all our activities will be recorded when we do a search on Google. It turned out that not only on the Google site but also on the activity in applications that are connected with Google Service, for example, Gmail and Maps.

# Location History

Have friends - ever noticed when passing through or visiting certain places, Google will update via Gmail. Now our activities that share location are also automatically suppressed by Google.

# YouTube History

When we open the Youtube application, what do we do? We do a search or visit the channel recommended by Youtube. Now, this activity is also recorded by Google. Yes, just think of it as our footprints when walking from home to school.

Actually, the function of Google Activity is good in my opinion. Why? Because as an analogy to our tracks when using the YouTube application or searching on the Google web is a reminder of what we have been looking for. Google noted this to make it easier for us to access it. Is there a danger? It may be that people know where we are when sharing location automatically and make privacy disturbed.

Easily delete Google activities automatically

We already told you about Google Activity and now we will share ways to set automatic delete on Google Activity. There are four steps that friends can follow to enable auto-delete Google Activity. So we have to make arrangements for three things namely Web & App Activity, Location History, and YouTube History.
  1. We must visit the My Activity page first. Where can we access the page? We can visit it at https://myactivity.google.com/.
  2. After we enter the My Activity page, select the Activity Control menu then we will go to the Activity Tools page. On this page, we will see a menu called Auto-delete.
  3. Select the Auto-delete menu and we will see a pop-up menu that contains settings for auto-delete activities or automatically delete activities in Google Activity. There are 3 choices: 1. Auto-delete older than 3 months, 2. Auto-delete older than 18 months, 3. Don't auto-delete. By default it will indeed be selected don't auto-delete.>
  4. We can choose one of these options to delete automatically. Now we select Auto-delete older than 3 months, the activity after 3 months will automatically be deleted from Google Activity.

Why should there be a time option for auto-delete?

This is a question that might cross our minds, why does it have to be older than 3 months or 18 months? In my opinion, because Google gives us the flexibility to set when to delete all activities.

The second reason is that there are people who really need more than 3 months to delete all their activities on Google Activity. This is all indeed returned to the user.

How are friends? Is the step that I shared this time on Ikirangga Blog clear enough? If you really need Auto-delete, you can just practice the above method on your Google account.

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