Google Banned Huawei From Their Aggrement

President Donald Trump once said that it would not allow Chinese companies to stand up and grow in the United States. As we know that Huawei is one of the Chinese or Chinese companies that are developing in the United States.

As we quoted from Mashable, this is related to the signing of Donald Trump's executive order which states that the threat of foreign enemies covers several aspects. What are the aspects? In his order, it was stated that aspects of communication, technology and service networks were national emergencies. Why did this affect Huawei? Because Huawei is a technology company that has a direct relationship with China or China.

This is proof that the United States limits foreign involvement in the construction of a national operator network system. They (read: United States) are concerned that the device or smartphone released by Huawei can be used as a spy by the Love Government or China. This is a natural fear if we have heard news about a trade war between the United States and China.

The direct impact that will be faced by Huawei is the latest Android operating system update. Why? Because Google is an Android owner, best friend. How about an Android device that will be launched by Huawei? Reportedly it will get obstacles from the application side, namely Google Play and Google's email service, Gmail. This is a piece of the sad news that we will hear from Huawei, guys. This will have an impact on the sales side of Android devices, of course. Who in this world does not use Gmail as their email? Maybe this is a result of remembering Android so remember Gmail.

Is there still good news for Huawei?

The good news is the latest Android update can still be accessed by Huawei with an open-source license. It seems that Huawei has to play a brain to keep tying customers to use their Android devices faithfully.

We are waiting for news of the feud between the 2 countries which resulted in the cooperation of these 2 big companies. Let's wait for news from both (read: Google and Huawei).