2 Ways to Bypass Download Files on Google Drive, It's work

When we share files with other people and moreover the file will be downloaded en masse (in the sense that it will often be downloaded) then the download limit or limit will appear. Guess what I upload, where are these files? Yes, right, I uploaded it on Google Drive.

We have to break the limit so that the file can be downloaded. How to? Actually, there are 2 ways that I have done and often do for Bypass Limit Downloads from Google Drive. If there are friends who happen to stop by here and have other methods, you can write in the comments column. Have you ever see a warning like a picture below???
The way I use it is fairly simple, friend. Why? Because only use what is on Google Drive and use other sites that have a feature to limit the download speed of Google Drive. What are the ways? Let's see it together.

There are 2 ways to bypass limit Download Google Drive

A. Make a new copy or copy of the file on Google Drive

This first method is the way I often do to bypass the download limits imposed by Google Drive. By making copies of files downloaded from other people's Google drives to our Google Drive. In this way, the file will automatically become a new file on our Google Drive and don't forget to change the name slightly.
  1. Open the downloaded file that we can from the Google Drive people we will download.
  2. Click the icon on the top right with the icon logo like Google Drive.
  3. After the Google Drive icon is clicked, the file will automatically enter our Google Drive.
  4. Check our Google Drive and look for the file that was moved. Make a copy of the file and edit the name so that it is somewhat different.
  5. Now right-click on the file and click Download.

B. Using the tools on YuuDrive

Now for this second method we use help from a third party that will become a mirror of Google Drive. It's called YuuDrive which will help us bypass downloads from Google Drive.
  1. First, open the YuuDrive site and log in using our google drive account.
  2. After we are inside YuuDrive, we will see in the menu the words "Upload Drive", click on the menu.
  3. After clicking the "Upload Drive" menu, we will be presented with a display like this. We can "Choose File" to retrieve files that are in our Google Drive.
  4. Select the file we will upload to YuuDrive after selecting it, we can click "Upload" to upload to YuuDrive.
  5. After that a YuuDrive link will be formed from the file that is on Google Drive.
What's up, dude? You can download files from Google Drive now with the bypass limit right. So happy now without restrictions, my message is, use it wisely this way.

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