Easy steps to change the country of Google Play Store

Have we ever thought of changing the region or country from the Google Play application? I consider friends who think they ever think like that huh. Why? After I see - there are many applications or movies that are only present in other regions, say the US region (United State or the United States). Sometimes this tempts us to make changes to our Google Play Android to the US region.
Is there a risk when we change a Google Play Android country or region? Of course, there is, but calm is not severe how come the risk. What are they? Regarding the balance contained in the Google Play account. What happened to the balance? Balances will only appear if we are in 1 region, for example, IDR balance only when using the Indonesian region or the US $ only appears when using a US account. It's quite right now, so it's not gone.

The next question will arise, namely how to change the region? Great... that's a question to the point. The way to change this region is arguably very easy.
  1. First install a VPN (Virtual Private Network), which can be a Free VPN or Paid VPN on an Android smartphone. In this case, I gave an example by using NordVPN, a friend thought that he could use another VPN.
  2. After completing the Install VPN, open the VPN application and do the setting which country we will use the IP. I gave an example of using US IP so that I owned the United States (US).
  3. After the settings have been done, we go to application management to clear cache for the Google Play Android application. Why is this done? This is to refresh the Google Play Android application so that it returns clean.
  4. Now we open the Google Play Android application and open the menu and select Account. In the menu, Switch to the United States Play Store will appear. This means that we have entered the US region.
  5. Now let's try to open "Top Chart" and select "Top Paid Games" there will appear in the price of games in the form of dollars.
Now we can change the Google Play Store Android region into the US region. If there are games or android applications that are in the US region, we can download them, friends.

Thank you, my friend, I have been visiting this blog. Hopefully, the article that has been thought to share can be useful for all of us. Friends can share this article with everyone, so that the article doesn't stop at friends.