3 Steps to Enable Samsung EVO SSD Trim in macOS Without An Application

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As we know for SSDs that have to activate the trim feature that is with them. Incidentally what we use is the Samsung EVO 850 256 GB SSD. Why did I choose this? According to reviewers from abroad aka Caucasians, this type is stubborn and has support for trim because he said there are some SSDs that do not support the trim. How do you activate trim without an application?
For the first, I don't believe it because as far as I know, we still need an application to trim enabler in SSD. Like I had said in paragraph two that there is a way to make it without application. I try it with brave from deep of my heart. You can see, I can enable trim in my Samsung EVO SSD without an Application. I want to tell how it can be? It's so simple. You can try with my instructions below and believe it works.

Steps to enable trim

1. In the first step, we have to open the terminal application in macOS. What's the function of the terminal? We can write some code to enable our trim, of course.
2. Then write the command below the terminal to activate the trim on the SSD. You can copy-paste if you are too lazy to write it.
sudo trimforce enable

3. Click enter then wait until there is a command finish.
Well, friends are steps to activate the trim on the Samsung EVO 850 SSD easily and without the need for additional applications. Only 3 steps we have to do.

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