11 Steps to Running a Windows Application Using PlayOnMac

Diandra Blog - Software or applications are tools or tools that we can use on a computer or laptop that are useful to help us do something work. What if we use an operating system that is not supported to use the application or software. Can this happen? Of course, this can happen to friends.

Sometimes we still need a number of Windows applications to support our work, for example, we need a Corel Draw application which in fact no longer exists for the macOS operating system version or if we are a trader and need a meta trader 4 application to trade. This is an example of friends.
The question is how can I use the application - the Windows application? Dear friends, we can use the PlayOnMac application to help us use Windows applications on macOS. We can use Wine, Mr. Rangga. Honestly, if I am still confused about using Wine then I recommend using PlayOnMac to make it easier even though PlayOnMac basically uses Wine but they make it easy.

Running Windows Applications Using PlayOnMac

  1. Download the PlayOnMac application or software first to install on macOS friends.
  2. Prepare the Windows application or software that we will run on macOS by using PlayOnMac.
  3. Open the PlayOnMac application or software that we installed in the first step and we will install the Windows software or application by clicking Install Program.
  4. After that a new window will appear after we click Install the program, friends can see in the display below and there are the words Install a non-listed program at the bottom left.
  5. After its, click on Install a non-listed program, a window will appear showing that we will use a new virtual drive or a new virtual drive. If friends have used it before, then select install the program in a new virtual drive, but if friends have installed the application using PlayOnMac then we can select edit or update an existing application.
  6. We assume we are just using PlayOnMac, we will choose to install the program in a new virtual drive to install Windows applications and we will have a command to give a name for the virtual drive.
  7. After that, we will be offered a type of virtual drive that is 32 bits and 64 bits. If I'm going to choose only 32 bits because most of the applications or software used are of this type.
  8. We have chosen the type of virtual drive, now we will wait for the process to form a 32-bit or 64-bit virtual drive so that later the application we will install can run perfectly.
  9. Finally finished also forming the virtual drive that we will use, now a window will appear to select the application that we will install. Select browse and specify which application we will install and after selecting it, we will continue by selecting next to install Windows software.
  10. The Windows software installation process is ongoing and the process is the same as if we installed it on the Windows operating system.
  11. Now, we can already use the application that we have installed before, friends - friends.
How about friends, now we can use Windows applications even though we are using the macOS operating system. All will not be a problem for friends as long as we know-how.

Thank you for visiting the Diandra blog and hopefully the information we have conveyed is useful. You can help me share it to others and this information does not stop at friends.